Punk icon John Lydon has reportedly threatened to launch legal action against his former Public Image Ltd. bandmate Jah Wobble over the rights to their album Metal Box.
Wobble and his fellow ex-PiL star Keith Levene have teamed up for a series of Metal Box In Dub gigs in Japan next month (Feb12), during which they'll perform improvised versions of tracks from the group's classic 1979 record.
But the plan has allegedly incensed former Sex Pistols star Lydon, who attempted to copyright the album in his name in December (11) and has threatened legal action, according to Wobble.
He tells Mojo magazine, "The gigs are just us having fun, playing around with that music, which we wrote. Nobody's gonna be making much money... I don't see 'Wobble & Levene at the Hollywood Bowl' or 'Metal Box In Dub' perfume... At my age, I'm not scared by this (threat). It's very clear that we're not trying to pass ourselves off as PiL, or him."