The Sex Pistols star regularly carries out the gruesome procedure by scratching the raised skin away with an emery board and then 'burning' it with acidic cider vinegar.

But leading skincare experts have warned he is risking his own health because the moles are not being checked for signs of cancer.

The self-removal process also leaves him prone to infection and hideous scarring.

Lydon revealed his skin secret in an interview with rock magazine Q, in which he said, "You use a nail file, an emery board, right? And once that bleeds and hurts like f**k, you then pour apple cider vinegar onto it and then you put a bandage over.

"And then you go at that for three, four weeks running and you get this, right? A nice big red blemish on your mush. But, hopefully, in a couple more weeks' time, I won't have them moles any more."

Lydon was pictured in Zagreb, Croatia in June 2013 with a large mole clearly visible on his right cheek, but in photos of him outside the BBC studios in October last year (14) the mole is no longer present and there is a small red pimple in its place.

However, consultant cosmetic surgeon and member of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, Marc Pacifico, tells WENN, "I find it very disturbing and worrying that anyone, let alone an influential personality, would entertain doing something so risky.

"It is dangerous on several levels - the lack of medical input to determine whether the mole is a safe one or may have features of a skin cancer is the number one concern. Secondly, repeated trauma to the mole will increase the risk of infection in the short term, and problematic scarring in the long term.

"Finally, quite frankly this technique is unlikely to work! The cells that cause moles are in a deeper layer of the skin than can't be reached by shaving (unless the shaving is very deep), so even if there is an initial appearance of removal of the mole, it has a high chance of coming back.

"I would plead with anyone who is even considering trying this to see a doctor instead."

Dr Adam Friedmann, of the prestigious Harley Street Dermatology Clinic in London, agrees, saying, "I presume John is using vinegar because he thinks it is sterile, which it isn't and it will simply burn like crazy. Also using a nail file as a 'derm abrasion' will not get rid of moles. A shave excision is the most satisfactory treatment for getting rid of protuberant moles and if a mole presents worrying signs, surgical excision is the best option."

Leading skin repair expert Lorena Oberg, who is also based on London's Harley Street, says, "DIY beauty treatments are very popular but the line should be drawn with semi invasive treatments that need a medical opinion. Moles are something that should be left to the care of a doctor.

"Moles that change appearance need to be seen by a dermatologist and not be subjected to a home removal process. Should the mole be cancerous, the stakes are very high and you could pay with your life."