John Lydon (better known as Johnny Rotten) has caused some degree of shock among fans after speaking out in defence of President Donald Trump during an interview on 'Good Morning Britain'. But, really, no-one should be surprised about what he has to say.

John Lydon at the ITV StudiosJohn Lydon seen outside the ITV Studios

While promoting his limited edition artistic endeavour entitled 'Mr Rotten's Songbook', the former Sex Pistols star opened up about his feelings on America's leader, himself being a US citizen despite having been born and raised in London. 

'[He's] a complicated fella. One journalist said to me, 'Is he the political Sex Pistol?' He mused to interviewers Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. 'What I dislike is the left-wing media in America are trying to smear the bloke as a racist and that's completely not true.'

Before you start to feel outraged by this proposal, this wasn't a complete defence of Trump. 'There's many, many problems with him as a human being but he's not that', John added. 'There just might be a chance that something good will come out of that situation because he terrifies politicians. And this is a joy to behold.'

It didn't take long for Piers to understand this unexpected statement from the punk pioneer, as John's very aesthetic has always been anti-government - and you can't really get much more anti-government than having a President with no political background. As Piers suggested that Trump is the 'archetypal character of anti-establishment', John further added: 'Dare I say, a possible friend?'

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Anything that shakes up a government and threatens to expose truth and lies is a positive thing for the 'Anarchy in the UK' singer. Of course, that doesn't explain why he also enjoys the company of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage and is pro-Brexit. 'The working-class have spoke and I'm one of them and I'm with them', was his only explanation. 

But then he's always been a massive patriot, parading the Union Flag on Sex Pistols merchandise and he's been a huge fan of tweed ever since that Country Life Butter commercial. So really, there are no surprises here.