John Malkovich hopes '100 Years' will help to connect people of different generations.

The 66-year-old actor teamed up with movie-maker Robert Rodriguez to make the short film - but the project is currently in a vault in France and it won't be released until 94 years from now.

He explained: ''Robert and I did the thing together, and he wrote some and I wrote some, and we made a little feature - it's a short film, 13 minutes or so, or less, I can't remember. And right now it's in a vault in Cognac, in France, and they'll show it in 94 years.

''We have tickets that'll be of no use to us or to our children, but maybe possibly to their children or grandchildren, should they decide to avail themselves of that opportunity. That's all I can really say about it.

''On a certain level, it's just like we're greeting them from this once-living past.''

Malkovich predicts that when the film is eventually removed from the vault, it'll shock its audience.

The acclaimed actor told Collider: ''It's curious what will happen. What will all the things we talk about now, what will come of them? What will become of them?

''All the things they talked about in the '70s turned out to be BS, and in the '90s I'm sure that will too, and in the 2020's, I'm sure it will too.

''To hear what people had to say about what was coming, which I've got no small amount of time into doing, was really fascinating.

''And you know, on a certain level, it makes you wish you were around just to see what happens, but it's going to happen without us anyways. It was very insane to look at and contemplate.''