Blues legend John Mayall is still stunned by the death of guitar great Gary Moore, who died after suffering a heart attack in Spain in February (11).
The former Bluesbreakers leader, 78, worked with Moore on his 2001 album Along for the Ride and was hoping to work with his old pal again some day when he heard the sad news Moore had passed away.
Mayall tells WENN, "He was a good friend and it was really a surprise. It's always sad to lose someone who was talented and prominent in the blues world. We can't really afford to lose people like that."
And he still has fond memories of working with the late Thin Lizzy star on If I Don't Get You Home.
He adds, "It wasn't really a planned thing. I was collecting musical people for the album and it turned out he just happened to be in the studio that was above our studio at that time. It was almost accidental. He took a break and came downstairs and put on his guitar track all in one take. That's the way we worked."