John Mayer is taking legal action after it emerged that what he thought were vintage Rolex watches were fakes in a scam that has affected celebrities all over Hollywood. The singer-songwriter is reportedly suing jewellery dealer Robert Maron, a friend to actor Charlie Sheen, who allegedly supplied the phony timepieces.

John Mayer
John Mayer Is Suing A Fake Watch Dealer After Being Hoodwinked.

Since his first purchase in 2007, Mayer is said to have spent $5 million buying watches for himself and others before he realised the hoax. In 2010, the Grammy-winning star discovered that one of the watches was fake when he sent it to be repaired, but received credit to buy another when he reported his discovery.

Each watch cost between $25,000 and $40,000 and Mayer is believed to have gifted several of the watches to his female friends, including Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Minka Kelly. It is not known whether Mayer's most recent girlfriend, Katy Perry, was also a recipient of a fake watch.

John Mayer
Watch Collector Mayer's Confidence In Maron Was Exploited For Millions Of Dollars.

Mayer's confidence in Maron as a dealer and interest in rare watch collecting made him a prime target for the fraud. The vendor is a self-described "watch dealer to the stars" and "media advisor" to his friend, Charlie Sheen, who could have spent far more on the watches than Mayer did.

None of the watches were even nearly worth the price paid for them: in some instances the watches may have been assembled from a range of actual Rolex parts from different models to create a so-called "frankenwatch," according to Forbes. Other watches combined both authentic and replica Rolex watch parts. Mayer is reportedly seeking a minimum refund of $656,000 for seven watches that were found to be counterfeit.

Charlie Sheen
Maron Is A Close Friend And "Media Advisor" To Charlie Sheen.

The complaint, filed on Tuesday in California Superior Court, identifies 54 year-old Maron as a broker and expert on "important" watches who sold items to the singer from 2007 and became Mayer's "close and trusted personal friend." The pair were said to be so close that they spent vacations together and Maron accompanied Mayer on tour, according to THR.

The sum Mayer is seeking represents interest and damages for five causes of action, including fraud, breach of oral contract and negligent misrepresentation.

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