John Mayer and Katy Perry have appeared or the first time together on television being interviewed as a couple. The pop stars gave a first TV interview to promote their new duet single, 'Who You Love,' on ABC's Good Morning America. The pair have dated on and off since 2012 but are clearly now comfortable enough alongside each other to be seen and interviewed together but also record a song together.

John Mayer
John Mayer Accidentally Swore In An Interview To Promote His New Duet.

Yesterday morning (17th Dec.) they appeared on the GMA couch, laughing and discussing the new song as well as their relationship. Speaking about the pitfalls of working with his girlfriend Perry, Mayer said: "I come in the studio and she plays stuff... And then I'll hear a melody, cause she'll be writing something, I'll hear a melody and I'll be like, 'Don't! Don't!' She was f**king..."

He then realised his error before Perry quickly rushed the rescue, interjecting: "Or he'll just pick up a guitar and play something." It's hard to tell what Mayer would have said had he finished the sentence he started but luckily, Mayer's blunder was covered up by his girlfriend.

Katy Perry
Luckily, Katy Was There To Talk Over John's Faux-Pas.

In all fairness to the 36 year-old singer-songwriter, at least he didn't bellow out the f-bomb clearly or use it as an insult to anybody. If anything, the momentary slip was probably a good sign that the 'Gravity' singer was feeling enough at home in the studio and beside Perry to relax.

Watch John Mayer & Katy Perry Interviewed On 'Good Morning America':

Mayer and Perry's romantic new video shows the pair riding a mechanical bull together as well as artful shots of the lovers canoodling. In the GMA interview, Perry said she felt the bull was a metaphor for all relationships. "Relationships are kind of like riding a bull. You hang on for dear life. Sometimes you get a little buck here and there and sometimes you get things thrown at you but you get back on," Perry said, adding ''John has a very gentle, authentic touch to everything he does.'' Listen to 'Who You Love' here.

Mayer confessed that they were nervous about collaborating, describing the move as potentially "a big moving target." The singer explained ''We don't quite know what kind of body language we're supposed to be exhibiting. You get too close it's a little too touchy feely and you get too far away and people say 'I don't see chemistry.' ''

But he added: ''It's been really great.''