One of Katy Perry's dreams came true Monday night (December 30) in Las Vegas when one of her idols, Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, dedicated a song to her. According to MTV, the singer has long been a fan of Nicks, and has talked about her love for the singer, previously telling ABC she "sees straight through my soul."

Katy PerryKaty Perry leaving an interview in London in early December, 2013

Perry was apparently so speechless, her boyfriend John Mayer had to take over her phone. Or so he said.

The Twitter takeover wasn't completely unknown to Perry, and Mayer said she was watching his every move.

Mayer and Perry have been showing off their love recently, performing their song "Who You Love" on Mayer's tour as well as on Ellen and Good Morning America. For a bachelor who has been known for breaking his girlfriends' hearts, the relationship with Perry has (surprisingly) lasted a very long time.

John MayerJohn Mayer performing on his 2013 tour

Perry was in Vegas over the weekend, also making an appearance at the launch of Britney Spears' two-year residency. The singer was in the audience along with Selena Gomez, Britney's family and a dancing Miley Cyrus.

Stevie Nicks also had a busy weekend. The songstress officiated fellow singer Vanessa Carlton's wedding on Friday (December 27). If all goes well with Perry and Mayer, would Nicks agree to officiate their wedding next?