Review of Life, Death, Love and Freedom Album by John Mellencamp

Album review of Life, Death, Love and Freedom by John Mellencamp.

John Mellencamp Life, Death, Love and Freedom Album

Ever since the start of the 90’s John Mellencamp has been an artist many people could take or leave, there’s been a few shining moments on some albums but the majority of work hasn’t really hit listeners like his 1982 to 91 albums.

In his own words ‘Life, Death, Love and Freedom’ is a ‘collection of modern electric folk songs’ and he’s perfectly summed the whole album up.

The album was produced by T Bone Burnett and he’s really developed the soul in the songs and perhaps one of Mellencamps loudest albums to date, their seems to be an underlying story, in a similar fashion to Springsteen's Ghost of Tom Joad but the music is more Steve Earle or Jay Far than Springsteen.

These songs are a welcome addition to Mellencamps discography, these’s songs are certainly among the strongest he’s written in 15 years.

Rating 7/10

Mike Rea

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