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Mellencamp Splits From Wife

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP has split from his wife of 18 years.The veteran songwriter's spokesperson announced on Thursday (30Dec10) that the star and his supermodel wife Elaine had parted ways. The statement reads, "John and Elaine...

John Mellencamp Won't Quit Smoking As It's "A Little Late"

Rock singer/songwriter, John Mellencamp, has given up any and all attempts to quit smoking, having resigned himself to be a smoker for the rest of his life, as he's been addicted to nicotine for so...

Mellencamp's Musical Inspired By Haunted Home

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP has revealed the inspiration behind his musical collaboration with horror writer STEPHEN KING - he once owned a haunted house where a grisly murder took place.The veteran songwriter teamed up with King...

Barkin's Billionaire Ex Re-weds

ELLEN BARKIN's tycoon ex-husband RON PERELMAN has remarried in an intimate New York ceremony, serenaded by rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP.The billionaire tied the knot with Dr. Anna Chapman on Wednesday night (13Oct10) on the roof of...

Mellencamp Baptised During Church Recording Session

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP turned a recent recording session into a baptism ceremony after telling vergers at the church studio he had never been baptised.The Jack & Diane singer has been recording an album on tour,...

Mellencamp: 'The Internet Is Dangerous'

JOHN MELLENCAMP is convinced the internet has "destroyed" the music business, branding the web the "most dangerous thing invented since the atomic bomb".The veteran rocker is adamant the rise in online music sales and the...

Baez Refused To Sing Hammer For Obama

Folk legend JOAN BAEZ refused U.S. First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA's request to sing IF I HAD A HAMMER with JOHN MELLENCAMP at the White House - because she hates the song.Baez joined Mellencamp, Smokey Robinson...

Mellencamp's Son A Quarter Of The Way To Winning Smoking Battle With Dad

Rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP's son SPECK has failed in his attempt to make his famous dad quit smoking by the end of 2009 - but he plans to fight on in 2010.The teenager called on the...

Kristofferson & Costello To Star In Mellencamp Musical

KRIS KRISTOFFERSON and ELVIS COSTELLO will lead the cast of JOHN MELLENCAMP's new musical, GHOST BROTHERS OF DARKLAND COUNTY.The rocker has been working on the project with author Stephen King for years, but now the...

Mellencamp Defends Chevrolet Commercial

Veteran rocker JOHN MELLENCAMP has defended his decision to allow his song OUR COUNTRY be used on an advert for motoring giant Chevrolet. Despite critics claims the decision is against the 55-year-old's environmentally conscious liberal...

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