Rocker John Mellencamp's son SPECK has failed in his attempt to make his famous dad quit smoking by the end of 2009 - but he plans to fight on in 2010.
The teenager called on the world's Facebook fans to help him convince his dad to stop smoking after the Jack & Diane singer promised to quit if his son could convince a million people to join his online crusade.
In a post on his Facebook page at the end of November (09), Speck wrote, "I made a deal with my dad that if I get a 1,000,000 to join this group he will quit smoking."
But the 14 year old's plan to hit his target by New Year's Eve has failed - less than 280,000 people have signed up in a month.
His efforts have been noted by his father, who has agreed to drastically cut back on smoking in 2010.
His wife, model Elaine Irwin Mellencamp, tells, "I don’t think any kid likes to see a parent smoking and it’s always inspiring when people build a true grassroots movement. When a 14-year-old kid does it, it’s all the more charming. It’s become a story of applying yourself and making a difference, and I’m really proud of him for having that experience."
In a post on his website, the rocker writes, "Speck is doing this to try to persuade me to stop smoking, and I look at it as a huge act of love on his behalf. He’s a big dreamer, and I hope that someday he’ll use his dream to benefit his world in some fashion."
Ironically, Speck was born a year after Mellencamp suffered a heart attack in 1994. The rocker blamed his health crisis on his four-pack-a-day cigarette habit and poor diet.