Review of Tribute Album by John Newman

John Newman's second release Tribute is 14 tracks of uplifting, positivity from the modern soul singer. The opening track Revolve, features a spoken word from actor Idris Elba, raises hopes for the album with a strong, militant message. Revolve is a starter point yet somehow is misplaced within the album due to its minute and a half long eerie, sci-fi esque' music.

John Newman Tribute Album

Bursting into All My Heart - an upbeat, energetic track- sees Newman back to his signature style. Something Special takes a slower pace during the intro of the song showcasing the 25 year olds distinctive vocals before leading into an electro synthesizer chorus.

Notably one thing gathered from listening to the album is it would be a great to live listen. Tracks Lights Down and Never Give It Up are itching to be toured with dramatic strings, vibrant vocals and can't help yourself but dance along to the catchy melodies. Leading single Come And Get It, which was released October 16th, is a standout point on the album. The pop melodies and catchy hooks helped bring Newman back into the charts following his phenomenal success with debut album Tribute.

A great collaboration in Tiring Game, with legendary RnB singer Charlie Wilson, sees Newman overshadowed with Wilson helping to make the track come alive. Both vocals fit perfectly in the pop, soul track.

Tracks Give You My Love and Killing are slow burners - hard to get into within the first few listens. Overall the second album from Newman gets off to a great start with an energised performance from pop soul prince. However there is not much of an evolvement towards the end of the album with mediocre tracks We All Get Lonely leaving listeners disappointed to what is otherwise a great first half of an album.

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