John Newman thinks Sam Smith's Bond song could do with being more ''energetic''.

The 'Tiring Game' hitmaker thinks the 007 franchise's theme tunes need to represent the action films genre and break free from being ballads all the time.

Asked what he thinks of Sam's 'Writing's On The Wall', he said:''It's alright. I'd just quite like to hear an energetic Bond song soon.

''I know it's not the history of a Bond song but I wouldn't want it to go into a place that becomes ballads every time. It would be nice to have an energetic action one because it is an action film.''

The 25-year-old soul singer also said he would definitely be up for writing a Bond theme but it would have to be a a ''bit different'' to the traditional ones such as, 'Skyfall' and 'Diamonds Are Forever' and he would want to take his time on it and not just come up with something in minutes - as Sam said he did with the song.

He told Digital Spy: ''I'd love to have a bash at it. I'd want to make something energetic and a bit different ... and something that takes longer than 20 minutes to write.''

Meanwhile, asked what it's like being compared to the the 'Stay With Me' hitmaker, John said it's ''amazing''.

He added: ''It's always been amazing to be compared to him because his success has been incredible and his climb has been incredible.

''I was on the same train as him for quite a while in terms of the rise to success until it really kicked off in America for him. I'm proud to see him do well because I think he's a nice guy.''