John Newman doesn't give a ''s**t'' about fame.

The 'Love Me Again' hitmaker has taken aim at fellow singers such as Miley Cyrus, claiming he isn't interested in shock tactics to gain attention and would rather allow his music to speak for itself.

He said: ''I couldn't give a s**t about fame. There are way too many celebrities in the world at the moment, and not enough artists. It's the talent show world that's brought that out. Fame has become, 'Look at me, I'm getting my photo taken with another famous person', or, 'I'm selling records because I'm dancing with my arse out next to a pervy old man in a suit at a massive awards ceremony.' People have forgotten about the music. I don't want to get my face in the paper with my shirt ripped off walking out of a nightclub.''

The 23-year-old crooner admits he had a wild childhood growing up in the Yorkshire Dales, including some run-ins with the police.

He told the Observer newspaper: ''Friday nights were for fighting. I've got a bit of a gob on me. If someone stopped me from having fun I wouldn't like that. One time, someone upset me so I trashed his car threw half of it in the river.''

John was also arrested for stealing magazines from a shop.

He recalled: ''It's ridiculous what I was taken in for. It was never like I was shooting some guy in the face.''