John Newman is always getting mistaken for Sam Smith.

The 'Love Me Again' hitmaker - who often sports a similar slicked back hairstyle to the 'Stay With Me' singer - says people get him confused with the Sam, 22, on a day to day basis.

Speaking to Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on their Kiss FM breakfast show, he said: ''I get confused for Sam Smith, like, day in, day out.

''It's bad though. There was a press mess up at one point as well which didn't help, I was doing some press the other day and it was for this photography thing. The guy said he was a huge fan, and I looked down at the floor and he had loads of references of how they wanted to shoot Sam Smith. I said 'you think I'm Sam Smith' and then he walked off.''

Host Rickie admitted he also struggled to differentiate between the boys' similar looks when he was introduced to John at the Brit Awards earlier this year.

He said: ''I saw you at the Brits red carpet, and the person that brought you to me said 'and here's Sam Smith', that was the first time I'd met you as well.''

However, there was no mistaking the 24-year-old singer as he joined Calvin Harris on stage at the DJ's iTunes Festival show at London's The Roundhouse on Sunday night (07.09.14) for a rendition of their brand new track 'Blame'.

The crowd went wild as John stepped out in a white suit jacket and black and showed off his dance moves as Calvin took to the decks.