John Newman is ''pausing'' his music career after suffering ''such depression due to [his] work''.

The 29-year-old singer took to Instagram to share a lengthy post about his current situation, and admitted he has opted to ''walk away on good terms'' from his record label Island Records/ Universal.

He wrote: ''To my loyal friends, family and fans i felt i needed to make everyone aware of my future and of my present. I have found it very difficult to announce this to my closet and the people around me as i feel the world is so quick to look at the negative and that is the opposite to what i aim to look for in me as a person.

Today is marking the end of an incredible and amazing era in my life but change is a positive and uplifting thing. I have decided to pause my career to be able to discover the better side of me that is still there despite feeling such depression due to my work. My drive will always exist, my persistence and perseverance to achieve and succeed and to re build.

''With this in mind i have decided to walk away on good terms from both my long time label Island Records/ Universal and also my long term managment Closer Artists. (sic)''

The 'Love Me Again' hitmaker - who revealed in 2018 he was struggling with anxiety as he was still living with a brain tumour - called on his fans to ''support me and fill me with positivity'' more than ever before, and said he is going to use this time to ''reconsider what my solo music career is and will be''.

He added: ''As said this is the end of an era and the start of a new me, to regain my drive and my thirst to continue, to make the greatest music i have ever made and to be happy within myself in everyway.

''I want to thank everyone that has been apart of this journey in every step from my team at Island/Universal and all the amazing people that have got stuck in and made it a pleasure at Closer managment, Paul you have always been a farther figure to me.

''I need my fans now to support me and fill me with positivity more than ever, to understand I am strong and most of all i will continue to accomplish my dreams in every way possible.

''It pulls a tear to say goodbye to this era and the music and memories i say good bye to with it but the future is key and i believe i can always deliver better.

''Throughout the year i will deliver some of the most incredible collaborations i have produced however for now I am to reconsider what my solo music career is and will be.

''Big love to everyone that has been here through the start of this journey and everyone that will be here to see my passion for the future to unfold!

''Big love everyone

''I got this.... John X (sic)''

John underwent surgery for a brain tumour in 2016, four years after a first operation.