John Newman insists on being supplied with white socks at every venue he performs at.

The 'Come and Get It' singer's tour rider includes grooming items to ensure he looks good, as well as ''normal'' requests for food, juice and alcohol.

Asked what's on his rider, he said: ''I have clean white socks. I have a lot of them on my rider.

''I have hairspray, hair gel, and a leather shoe-polish brush. They're the weirdest things I think.

''And then the normal things. I have loads of vegetables and juice and things to keep me feeling alright. And then plenty of booze for when the evening gets good.''

As a result of his repeated request, John always has a lot of socks to choose from every day.

He admitted: ''We keep them in my stage clothes bag - there's got to be 50 pairs in there.''

And the smart star insists he never dresses down.

He told Heat magazine: ''I'm actually always in suit trousers. All the time.''

However, John sometimes finds his hair difficult to manage.

He said: ''I'd give my hair five [out of 10] because the side drops down and that's annoying.

''The preparation itself takes minutes. Get out of the shower, put some hair gel in, slick it back and spray it.''