John Newman, the singer behind 'Love Me Again', has seen very mixed reviews for his songs, with some people thinking his voice sounds like that of a ''dying goat''. The 22-year-old singer/songwriter has spoken out about the differing views by explaining: ''Some say it sounds like a dying goat. Some say it's soul singing.''

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After suffering from various problems throughout his life - his father walking out on the family when he was six years old, two of his close friends being killed in a car crash, and the diagnosis of a non-cancerous brain tumour - he has come forward to reveal how, rather than feel sorry for himself, Newman has seen these events as maturing him and creating the man who he is today.

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In an interview with 'Q' magazine, Newman explained that: ''The best thing about that period, losing my friends, was that matured me. It shook me very, very hard and woke me up to the real world. And then the thing that followed [the tumour] gave me another kick in the a**e. The day I got out of the hospital I thought, 'Right, I'm off to make a f***ing record.''