John Oliver? No? Never heard of him? Well, the British comedian is about to replace Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show, just for the summer of course. Recommended to Stewart by Ricky Gervais, the dark-haired, bespectacled, self-deprecating Oliver has a popular podcast following, though the Daily Show is his biggest gig to date. Obviously.

The comedian was taping a stand-up set for the fourth season of his Comedy Central series John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show at the Webster Hall on Tuesday night (June 4, 2013) when he was asked by an audience member if he was excited to fill the boots of Stewart, "The only thing I'm nervous about is talking to guests like human beings, because all of my interviews so far have been attacking people," Oliver says. "I have a genuine concern about sitting across from an actor whose movies I obviously haven't seen."

On a recent interview with one of the hottest movie stars of the moment, Oliver explained, "Two nights ago, I had a nightmare I was interviewing Jaden Smith. I said, 'Look, Jaden, I haven't seen "After Earth" but the trailers look awful,' and behind him, I could see Will Smith doing this [raises a fist]. I don't know why in my head that's how Will Smith expresses anger, like a 1920s journalist."

John Oliver will start his three-month stint filling in on Monday, while Stewart takes the summer off to direct his first move Rosewater. Though Oliver may not be familiar to many U.S viewers, Stewart's audience will probably have watched and enjoyed his Emmy-winning news satire show, which regularly beats Late Night With David Letterman and The Tonight Show With Jay Leno in the 18-49 demographic.

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