John Oliver used Monday's Last Week Tonight to give his two cents on the subject of online harassment and revenge porn. 

John OliverJohn Oliver targeted online harassment during Monday's Last Week Tonight

"If you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience on the Internet," the host said. "Women in particular can receive a cornucopia of horrifying messages."

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Oliver noted that there's no federal law against revenge porn, "Only 23 states have passed laws against revenge porn.In the other 27 it's one of those things that should be explicitly illegal but isn't, like using a golf umbrella in Manhattan or returning from a semester abroad in Spain and calling it Barthelona."

Oliver also had a message for those who don't take online threats seriously: "Congratulations on your white penis ... because if you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience of the internet".

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The good news is that hugely powerful websites like Twitter and Reddit have banned revenge porn and Google recently announced that it would remove revenge-porn photos from their search upon request.

"We all know the Internet is an incredible tool," Oliver added on Monday, "But like most tools, it can be used as a weapon." 

"We've allowed things to get a place where women can fear for their lives for something they said online."

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