John Oliver’s new HBO show has finally been made official with the announcement of a title and a release date. Oliver fans rejoice! The former “Daily Show” correspondent will begin “The Tonight Show Last Week With John Oliver” (bit of a mouthful) on April 27 at 11 p.m. The show will take a satirical look at the biggest news headlines of the week, not unlike Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” format.

John Oliver, Comedy Awards
Oliver wants his show to have a distinct voice, different from that of "The Daily Show".

This is as much as Oliver and HBO have revealed at this point, meaning that eager viewers will have to wait for the official premiere to find out exactly how Oliver’s format will differ. The host didn’t exactly make it clear during his appearance in front of the Television Critics’ Association in January.

"It will be making fun of things," he said (quote via the LA Times). "... I am different, so we'll be approaching things in a different way." He also noted that, as a weekly show, "we can look backwards and forward at the same time. We'll have a chance to take one step back, and I hope we'll make a virtue of that."

Jon Stewart, Primetime Emmy Awards
"The Tonight Show Last Week" will have a similar format to "The Daily", but with fewer restrictions.

Oliver has had a long and storied run on "The Daily Show" and last summer even hosted, while Jon Stewart was off directing his feature film debut. His departure was a nostalgic affair, but in January, Oliver expressed his enthusiasm for his new home at HBO.

"HBO is almost objectively the best sandbox you could possibly play in," he said, referring to the channel’s less restrictive policies.