The TV veteran, who played Bo Duke in the hit car chase series, grew up in Mount Kisco in New York driving his father's Volkswagen on ice so he could handle an out-of-control vehicle, and that helped him when he landed Dukes at the age of 18.

He tells WENN, "I was already proficient in dangerous driving and I did all the driving on the show, not the jumps, but the driving.

"And to keep myself sharp I went up to a driving school in Marin County in California at least once a year for the duration of Dukes and made sure I knew all the latest techniques and safety procedures."

He took his love for stunt driving to the race track and now insists all the lessons he has learned behind the wheel has made him one of the safest drivers on the road.

Schneider adds, "I like to say, 'Pick the accident that won't get you killed'. It's too easy to die on the road and I've got s**t to do!'

"I taught my daughter how to take control of a car that's out of control and, as a result, she's a great driver too."

And the actor's driving skills came in handy again when he directed and starred in 2006's Collier & Co: Hot Pursuit, which is finally being released as a video-on-demand project this weekend (24-26Apr15).

He explains, "We didn't need to hire a gang of stunt drivers because I did all the driving myself."