Collier & Co: Hot Pursuit was a cult hit back in 2006 and it has taken Schneider almost a decade to make the film available to fans across America after the distribution company behind the project went bankrupt, leaving the actor hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket.

He explains, "It cost $500,000 to make and I financed it. The film was getting a warm reception at screenings and drive-ins and the company I brought in to distribute it on DVD distributed 200,000 units and then went bankrupt."

Schneider has tinkered with the film's colour, sound effects and added more music from Los Lonely Boys - and it hits the video-on-demand market in America on Friday night (24Apr15).

He says, "I've cut about four minutes out of the film and really amped up the car chase scenes. People loved the soundtrack too, so I've added more of Los Lonely Boys' music.

"It's amazing to think that this treatment I came up with when I was 20 back in 1980 is now going to be seen by anyone who wants to see it. There's definitely a demand out there for films like this - cars and good guys and bad guys and chases. Dukes is still beloved as a re-run around the world and Furious 8 is the biggest film out there right now."