It seems as though John Travolta 's swift legal action may have saved his reputation. One of the two men accusing Travolta of sexual assault has now dropped his $2 million lawsuit, according to Reuters today (May 16, 2012). The masseur now claims that he got the date of the incident wrong. This was revealed after Travolta provided photographic and other evidence to prove that he was not where the incident was alleged to have happened, on the date originally stated. Travolta's lawyer, Marty Singer, has already dismissed both lawsuits as "absurd and ridiculous," said that Travolta was "vindicated" by the dismissal of the first suit.
However, the second complainant is said to be proceeding with his own claims and his own lawyer said that he was "confident of success." Both of the complainants have remained anonymous throughout the process and Singer remains convinced that the second case will come to nothing. "We fully expect that my client will similarly be vindicated with respect to Doe 2, as well as with respect to any other person who makes meritless claims against John Travolta."
Last week, on Chilean TV, a third man, Fabian Zanzi - a cruise ship worker - claimed that John Travolta offered him $12,000 to have sex with him, on a 2009 cruise. He has not filed suit against the 'Grease' actor. Travolta, 58, has been married to the actress Kelly Preston since 1991.