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Burlesque Legend Blaze Starr Dies

The dancer, best known for inspiring Paul Newman's 1989 film Blaze, passed away on Monday (15Jun15) at her home in Wilsondale, West Virginia after suffering heart problems. She was born Fannie...

John Waters Hitchhiked Across America For New Book

Hairspray director John Waters has hitchhiked across America as part of a new book deal.The filmmaker kicked off his road trip in Baltimore, Maryland on 14 May (12), reaching San Francisco, California in just eight...

Josh Hutcherson Honoured At Glaads

Actor Josh Hutcherson was among the honourees at this years 23rd annual Media Awards for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The Hunger Games actor won the Vanguard Award, which honours those who strive...

John Waters Hoped Mike Kelley's Death Was A Fake

Filmmaker John Waters was in disbelief after learning of artist Mike Kelley's recent death, and assumed the tragic news was a macabre "art piece".The Hairspray director has been an avid collector of Kelley's work and...

Smith Lands Indie Filmmaker Honour

KEVIN SMITH is to follow in the footsteps of directors JOHN WATERS and GUY MADDIN - he will be handed the prestigious Filmmaker on the Edge Award at this year's (10) Provincetown Film Festival.Smith will...

Waters' Kids Movie Scrapped

HAIRSPRAY creator JOHN WATERS has been forced to scrap plans for a new children's movie - after studios rejected it. The filmmaker, nicknamed the Pope of Trash, last year (08) announced his plans to make...

Waters Confesses Chipmunk Fantasy

Cult director JOHN WATERS has a sexual obsession with animated children's hit ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS. The openly-gay Hairspray director confesses the bizarre fantasy, and reveals a talented fan has even helped him live it...

Costume Designer Van Smith Dies

VAN SMITH, who created the costumes and makeup for the films of JOHN WATERS, has died. He was 61. Smith died Tuesday (05DEC06) at his home in Marianna, Florida of a heart attack. He became...

Blair Goes Naked As Ursula Udders

THE SWEETEST THING star SELMA BLAIR conquered her fear of being naked in public when she signed up to play a busty go-go dancer in JOHN WATERS' latest comedy A DIRTY SHAME. The actress...

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