Review of So Sweet Single by Johnathan Rice

Johnathan Rice
So Sweet
Single Review

Johnathan Rice So Sweet Single

Oh Johnathan Rice you poor boy. It seems the angel of bad serendipity has swooped down to piss James Blunt all over your tattered and heartfelt breakthrough. 'So Sweet' is exactly what should be on all tick lists of all showstopping heartshakers the world over, from the bruised vocals, which stand on the Americana side of Dears frontman Murray Lightburn, the swooning guitars and scattered background shuffles. This is the record Rufus Wainwright might have made if he hadn't gone all baroque and realised just how good 'Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk' was. Johnathan's clearly a little annoyed and upset. I would be too. I feel his pain, one for the heartbreak, twice for the song, three for the breakthrough, now go Blunt...okay I've stopped.

John McGee

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