Oh dear Johnny Depp. The actor came off a little too much like Jack Sparrow on Friday, when he took to the stage at the Hollywood Film Awards. Introducing Mike Myers’ documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, the actor appeared to be a little worse for wear, slurring many of his words. Of course it was all twitter could talk about, as the awards were being broadcast live for the first time that evening. 

Johnny DeppStill very rock 'n' roll, Johnny Depp

Introducing the doc about the famed Hollywood agent and manager, Depp looked a little confused as he approached the two-headed microphone. calling it “the weirdest microphone I ever saw in my life,” before he began his introduction by saying "I'm not very good at this type of thing,”

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Pointing to the auto cue the 51 year old added "Watch, I'm going to read this thing,” before struggling to get the words out as Gordon looked on. He then add-libbed a couple of swear words and no doubt nearly had CBS producers reaching for the panic button.

When Depp finally made it through the auto cue he ended by telling the audience, "I mean, it's one of those nights.”

Twitter reacted with its usual ferocity to Depp’s performance. Some users wondered if the star maybe had one too many before taking the stage (it was an awards show after all) while other’s just wanted everyone to leave the heartthrob alone.

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But director Mike Myers didn't seem to mind, backstage he told reporters that Depp’s intro was "very rock 'n roll, which is very appropriate for Shep Gordon." It all tops off a pretty rock 'n' roll week for Depp who on Thursday night jammed with Elvis Costello and Marcus Mumford during an intimate show in L.A.