Johnny Depp’s slow, but steady descent into irrelevance continues with his most recent appearance – a speech during the Hollywood awards on Saturday. Depp was there to present the Hollywood Documentary award. And present it he did - so much so that today everyone is talking about it. 

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp's latest stunt - real or just PR?

Taking the stage mid-show, Depp looked intoxicated and spaced out. He slurred his speech and generally didn’t seem to be in top form. Several parts of the speech were bleeped out, presumably because Depp forgot about broadcast regulations and swore on a few occasions.

“It’s just one of those nights,” he said before CBS appeared to cut him off.

The actor, there to honor Shep Gordon, was barely able to stand up straight as he stammered through his speech to award Gordon, the subject of Mike Myers’ new documentary, “Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.”

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Depp prefaced his speech with: “I, um, I’m not very good at this kind of thing,” which was appropriate given that he went on to slur, stammer and trip his way though the speech. That said, you’ll note in the video below that his thought/reading process seems to flow remarkably smoothly for a drunk person. Meaning, anyone who has gotten drunk or partaken in any illicit substances (you know who you are,) knows that reading is near-impossible during this delicate time.

Watch the entire speech below. It's only mildly cringe-worthy.

That’s it. I’m calling it. It had to have been a PR stunt. Even so, kudos to Mr. Depp and his remarkable acting talent.