Johnny Depp has dismissed the idea that his fiancée Amber Heard is pregnant after being quizzed on the Today show this morning. The 50 year-old actor denied that an expectant Heard had forced him to pop the question with a dazzling diamond ring late last year.

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Johnny Depp Has Ruled That His Fiancée Amber Heard Is Not Pregnant.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star is currently doing a promotional tour for his new sci-fi thriller, Transcendence, but most reporters have only been interested in his relationship status and whether or not he and his The Rum Diary co-star are indeed engaged.

Depp confirmed the engagement rumours to David Letterman last night after he was asked about the diamond ring he himself has been sporting recently. Depp referred to the jewellery at the Transcendence premiere in Japan earlier this week but did not explicitly state that his "chick ring" meant a marriage was on the horizon. Letterman questioned Depp on his large diamond ring to which the 50-year-old admitted "I do, I have a female engagement ring."

Johnny Depp
It Took Some Time For The Coy Actor To Admit To Being Engaged To Heard.

Letterman further quizzed Depp on his choice to wear an engagement ring which was "not typical for a man." It was only when Depp confirmed that Amber also had a ring that everything fell into place.

On the Today show today, Savannah Guthrie asked Depp whether the couple were expecting. "I feel a little guilty for asking this, but there is a story out there [today] that you guys are expecting," she started. "Expecting what?" Johnny replied. Guthrie was forced to add, "A baby!" "A child? Good god, what do you think I am, a savage?" Johnny joked, adding "No, no truth to that. [It's] not a shotgun affair."

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Not Pregnant, Not Shotgun, Father's Approval: Looks Like Johnny's Doing It By The Book.

On The Late Show with David Letterman last night, Depp let down his guard a little and sang the praises of his actress lover."A southern belle and sweet as can be, and very good for me," was Johnny's description of 27 year-old Heard. "She's a wonderful girl. She's sharp as a tack," continued Depp adding that she is "very good' for him" and that he gets on well with her father.

Depp claimed he and Heard's Dad, have a "great" relationship, explaining "he's about the closest thing to Hunter S. Thompson I've ever met." Depp and Heard have been dating since 2012, not long after Depp separated from his partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis, with whom he shares two children.

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