Johnny Depp is surprised by the success of his daughter Lily-Rose.

The 52-year-old Hollywood icon has admitted he never dreamed his 16-year-old daughter would follow him into the movie industry, but he's proud of what she's already achieved, having made a cameo appearance in the Kevin Smith-directed comedy 'Tusk' and been cast alongside Natalie Portman in 'Planetarium'.

He said: ''What is happening with Lily-Rose is something I didn't expect this early, for sure.

''But things happen when they happen. Her becoming an actress was never my hope or dream for her but that's what she enjoys doing. So I am very proud of her because she is super together and a sharp, sharp kid.''

Johnny revealed he's been on-hand to offer advice to his teenage daughter, but still feels slightly unnerved by the sight of her preparing to shoot a scene.

He told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: ''She tells me everything and if she needs any advice I am there. But yeah, it's happening pretty fast and when I see her with all that make-up and stuff, it's disturbing.''

In addition to her acting talents, Lily-Rose has also been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for an exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery.