Sometimes fan adoration can get a little too instense even for the person being adored. Case in point – Johnny Depp’s recent visit to China. The actor traveled to China recently to promote his new movie Transcendence and, according to, he really enjoyed his visit, for the most part. One activity that left a particular impression on Depp was his trip to an abandoned bomb factory, which has been turned into an artist colony. The actor was left slightly disturbed, however, when he med a group of young boys, with the Transcendence title shaved onto their heads.

Johnny Depp, Transcendence Still
In Transcendence, Depp plays a brilliant scientist, who blurs the line between man and machine.

"On the whole, I found a real warmth in the people there. They were very sweet and welcoming. It was quite a turn-out that we had and a lot of strange things went down that I'd rather not talk about ever again in my life. "There were these four little quadruplet Chinese boys dressed in kind of priest outfits, and Transcendence comes out to (is written with) four Chinese characters (sic). Well, they'd shaved those characters onto those little boys' heads to bring them out on stage with me. "I'm pretty shy, so I tend to run when that kind of thing happens. Little boys with their heads shaved into the name of the film; that scares me a little."

Watch the second Transcendence trailer below.

No wonder there. Transcendence tells the story of a terminally ill scientist, who uploads his mind onto a computer of his own invention. This grants him near infinite power, but robs him of his humanity. As the machine gradually take over, his wife and research partner has to find a way to stop him before it’s too late. Transcendence hits theaters in the US on April 17 and in the UK on April 25.

Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, Cillian Murphy
Morgan Freeman, Cillian Murphy and Rebecca Hall Co-Star In Transcendence.

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