Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp back together in another swashbuckling adventure, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately for Disney, a lot did go wrong with The Lone Ranger; no one was interested in a big screen version of a 1930s radio series. Johnny Depp is starting to lose his box office appeal and, ultimately, it was terrible. But hey, at least there's worse film right?

Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger probably wont make it into the top five

The film isn't out of cinemas yet, so we can't really say how much it will lose (who knows, it might have the best week three in cinema history), but we can assume it will sit nicely next to Disney's last big box office flop: 2012's John Carter. Speaking of John Carter, when it comes to the top box office flops, the confused martian adventure doesn't even break into the top ten. Here's the five worst performing films of all time.

1. Cutthroat Island

Gena Davis is a pirate... that's about it. And that's probably why it did so bad when it was released back in 1995. How bad exactly, well with a budget of $115,000,000 and with a paltry $18,517,322 million worth of takings worldwide, the $96,482,678 loss is pretty hard to beat (adjusted to inflation that's a whopping $145,366,673).

2. The Alamo

This really had the potential to be a decent movie - a historical epic from Texas-native John Lee Hancock that starred Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thornton, it really shouldn't have been that bad. It was though, it was really quite bad actually and potential audiences must have thought so too because no one wanted to go see it. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer paid $145,000,000 for is and only managed to make $25,820,000 in return. Ironically, the tagline for the film was 'You Will Never Forget.' Oh how wrong they were.

3. The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Wow, who remembers this? Before we had Meet Dave and Norbit, the real sign that people had stopped caring about Eddie Murphy came back in 2002 when the outrageously bad sci-fi 'comedy' was released to entirely negative views and almost entirely empty cinemas. Warner Bros. decided to fork out $120,000,000 to see a retired smuggler buy a nightclub on the moon. No wonder it only made $7,103,973 worldwide.

4. Sahara

Another potentially decent film that no one was interested in, the Matthew Mcconaughey, Steve Zahn and Penélope Cruz plane crash adventure really lived up to it's premise. In other words, it crash landed when it was released and only managed to make $119,269,486. A pretty impressive sum by most standards, but with a budget of $241,000,000, it wasn't impressive enough to stop the film from losing a cool $143,094,022.

5. Mars Needs Moms

Just look at that title. How did Disney think a family comedy called Mars Needs Moms was worth $175,000,000. It only managed to make £38,992,758 in cinemas and frankly not many people were that surprised.

Eddie Murphy
People don't laugh at Eddie Murphy so much anymore

Gena Davis
Whatever happened to Gena Davis