Johnny Depp has been spotted on the set of the upcoming crime movie Mordecai sporting a brutally waxed moustache, slicked blonde hair and a dashing three-piece suit complete with pocket handkerchief.

Johnny Depp Mortdecai
Johnny Depp Goes For A Drastic New Look.

No, Depp isn't auditioning to become the new Hercule Poirot: he has assumed the lead role of Charlie Mortdecai in the film adaptation of Kyril Bonfiglioli crime anthology, The Mortdecai Trilogy. Depp has been cast as the infamous anti-hero art dealer who goes on a hunt for a stolen painting that is believed to hold an access code to hidden Nazi gold.

Johnny Depp Mortdecai Moustache
Depp Debuts A Severe Moustache For His New Mortdecai Role.

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