Johnny Depp's single. Men, turn in early for the night, there's no hope for us. Be sure to lock up your daughters, wives, girlfriends etc. whilst you're at it too. Depp is out to play. The 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' actor is fresh out of a relationship with French actress Vanessa Paradis, with whom he'd fathered two children during their 14 years together. Before that he was dating model Kate Moss for four years, so the man is going to have high standards when he's out on the pull.

And out on the pull he was, reports TMZ, with the actor donning some eyeliner and his finest pashmina last night (August 6th). Depp was out with his pals Aerosmith, the first time he's been seen in public since his split from Paradis. It was the after party from one of the group's shows and an illustrious assembly of stars turned up to enjoy a night out with the rock veterans at Pink Taco in West Hollywood. Jim Carrey, Seth Green and Lana Del Rey were among the others on the guest list for the bash, and though Johnny didn't manage to ensconce a lady, he seemed to be having more than a fair bit of fun.

A source breathlessly told TMZ "Aerosmith rented the place out ... one of the greatest parties I've ever seen ... legendary."