Review of The Box Single by Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit
The Box
Single Review

Johnny Flynn The Box Single

Johnny Flynn a southern lad from the capital of this great country continues his quest of sharing his tales to as many people who is willing to listen. It seems that all his hard work is finally starting to pay of and now he his set to release his new single The Box.

Well its over to Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit with a three minutes exactly track in the shape of The Box. After giving this a couple of listens and really trying to relate to it, the only real conclusion is radio friendly folk music.
Yes this song is lyrically clever,
Yes it has a quirky kind of style to it,
Yes Johnny Flynn vocally sounds like Ringo Starr (after singing lessons),
no matter how hard he may try, he will (or might not!) always be compared to Newton Faulkner and as far as this style of music goes Mr Faulkner wins hands down. Nothing to do with the fact that Newton Faulkner has a great hair style at all.

Mark Moore

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