The trailer has been released for Johnny Knoxville's new movie, Bad Grandpa, in which the Jackass star plays an 86 year-old bad-mannered, shop-lifting, reckless-driving, vandalising, wedding crashing prankster of a Grandfather named Irving Zisman. Unlike previous Jackass movies, the new spin-off with be held together by some continuation of a plot involving two main characters.

Bad Grandpa Poster
'Bad Grandpa' Will Be Released On The 23rd October In The UK & The 25th Oct. In The USA.

The film follows Knoxville's Zisman and his 8 year-old grandson Billy (Jackson Nicholl) as they traverse the country on what is billed as the most crazy hidden camera road trip ever.

From the trailer we catch a glimpse of the chortle-worthy debauchery that ensues as Billy and his recalcitrant Gramps get involved in all manner of shocking situations, from being uninvited guests at a wedding and a funeral, to Billy dressing as a girl and performing a raunchy pageant performance, and Irving stuffing stolen groceries down his trousers.

Johnny Knoxville
The Actor Constructed Embarrassing Stunts To Humiliate The Public.

The movie relies on the longevity of the hidden camera/real reactions comedy style where actors perform stunts to wind up unsuspecting members of the public in order to record their often irate or confused responses. After Sacha Baron Cohen's exploitation of filming the reactions of white, right-wing, middle Americans, there's little new territory here and the prank clips often feel like re-hashed gags involving the same source of embarrassment and socio-demographic targets.

Watch The 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' Trailer:

What's more, the arguable apex of the film - Billy's "raunchy" dance scene - was shocking, unexpected and funny the first time we saw Little Miss Sunshine's Olive pull off her pageant gown and begin grinding and slapping. That scene's left-field humour was surprising - something that is not mirrored in Bad Grandpa. After a movie's worth of predictable gags, the pageant audience's muted surprise will hardly have the same wrecking ball effect alongside shots of corpses tumbling out of coffins and kiddie car rides crashing through shop windows.

Johnny Knoxville Bad Grandpa Jackson Nicholl
Jackson Nicholl Is Bad Grandpa's Prankster Accomplice Grandson, Billy.

Nevertheless, the movie is bound to be a sure success with those Jackass fans who need another hit of awkward and cringeworthy comedy and it will be hard to stop yourself chuckling at the antics of a bad grandpa and his little sidekick who are out and about to wreak mayhem.