Johnny Knoxville once got spiked with ecstasy by a fan.

The 42-year-old actor was drugged by students while filming at a college campus fraternity house dressed as his 86-year-old alter-ego Irving Zisman - an elderly man he portrays in 'Jackass' and his new film 'Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa' - but he found it ''fun'' until injuring himself.

He told Nuts magazine: ''I was shooting a promo dressed up as Irving at a frat house. I sat with the students watching the movie and everyone was hammered.

''After a while, I realised my heart was racing and it dawned on me, 'F**k! Someone's dosed me with ecstasy!' I thought, 'This could be fun!' ''

When the drugs kicked in, the daredevil - who is known for performing many physically dangerous stunts on each episode of reality series 'Jackass' - suffered a horrific injury which left him needing 26 stitches in his hand.

He added: ''Then I snapped a tendon in my hand which needed an operation and 26 stitches. I think I did it hanging from a basketball hoop or maybe it was crashing through a table.

''It was fun, but I would have been bummed if they'd spiked me with acid.''