Johnny Knoxville had to urinate through a tube for three years after a horrific accident.

The 42-year-old daredevil - who performs several dangerous stunts on each episode of reality series 'Jackass' - suffered the humiliating and uncomfortable experience after tearing his urethra, the tube which connects the bladder to a man's genitals, when a dirt bike trick when badly wrong.

He told Nit: ''The worst was when Travis Pastrana [from extreme sports stunt crew Nitro Circus] talked me into doing a dirt bike stunt.

''I screwed up the backflip and the handlebars smashed into my crotch. I tore my urethra and because of my busted penis I had to p**s through a tube for three years!''

Johnny has suffered so many injuries throughout his career he has to take a piece of paper to the doctors detailing all of the damage previously inflicted on his body because he has been wounded too many times to remember everything.

He added: ''When I got in for a physical I have to list all my injuries. I have a piece of paper to hand them.''