Johnny Marr is on the lookout for Salford's next big star to benefit from his Johnny Marr Award.

The former Smiths rocker has teamed up with the Salford Foundation Trust to offer under 25s the chance to receive financial support to boost their music career.

The Mancunian said: "It's a privilege to make a contribution to the creative development of young people. The Salford Foundation Trust is a great example of positive local action that makes a difference. It's an honour to be involved."

Peter Collins CBE, Managing Trustee from The Salford Foundation Trust commented “I am very grateful for the support from Johnny Marr – we can’t let financial difficulties stand in the way of talent and this fund gives a young person in Salford for each of the next three years a chance to progress their talent."

Applicants must be 25 or under and entries must be made by November 15. Visit the Salford Foundation Trust website at and click on How to Apply and then click on the Johnny Marr Award for more details and the application form.

Meanwhile, Johnny previously admitted he gets mistaken for another famous Manchester musician, Noel Gallagher, at least "every month".

The guitar legend said: "I think he thought I was joking about this, until he saw it. If I'm walking around - if not every week, every month - someone says to me, 'Are you Noel Gallagher?'

"And I've told him this - I'm obviously not Noel, but it's because I look like a guitar player. So he's become the sort of generic term for 'rock musician', so I'm alright with that ... I sometimes go 'yeah'. But occasionally [if it's] some little kid in Manchester ... I go, 'Look, you know I'm not Noel Gallagher, right, 'cause he's so recognisable.' And they go, 'Well who are you then?'"

The 58-year-old songwriter also revealed that Noel, 55, is a favourite with taxi drivers outside of the pair's hometown.

He explained: "Taxi drivers love him. I get it, 'cause I'm from the north and I guess I look like a musician, I get the 'You from Manchester then? I had Noel in my cab a few weeks ago. Great, top guy.'

"I won't tell you what the rest of the conversation goes like. 'Top man, top man - mates with him are you? Were you in Oasis?' Oh, it's a long story mate."