Johnny Weir isn't backing down from Russia!

The US Olympian is now working behind the camera for NBC, covering figure skating at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

But the free-spirited Weir is not changing anything about himself, and his flamboyant fashion choices are proving to be a big hit among viewers of the games.

The host nation Russia has garnered a lot of criticism from different countries and high-profile individuals for having anti-gay legislations, but President Vladimir Putin doesn't seem to be budging.

However, openly gay Weir claims that these elements have not affected his stay while working in Sochi.

"I've trained here, I've stayed and sort of lived here for extended periods of time," Weir said on the Today Show.

"I'm not afraid of Russia. I've never had one bad homophobic experience here," he continued, referring to his journey as an Olympic correspondent.

Since arriving at the Winter Olympics, Weir hasn't toned down his fashion choices, nor his outspoken attitude, but if someone did challenge the former US National Champion, he would challenge the naysayer back.

"I'm scrappy. I'm a tough person. I wasn't afraid of other kids because I understood that someday they'd wash my car," he said. "That's what I had to believe and what I had to think to be strong enough to deal with kids and idiots."

But behind Weir's bravado and flash, the 29 year-old is taking his commentary duties very seriously.

"I haven't come to Russia to make a statement in any way," he said. "I've come to Russia to do my job and to do it well. That's the most important thing about being in Russia to me."

Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir has never experienced homophobia in Russia