JoJo ''abstained'' from sex for a year to help her learn how to be ''on her own''.

The 'Leave (Get Out)' hitmaker has revealed she chose not to have sex for 12 months because she had been relying on the ''safety net'' of having a partner since she was a teenager, and wanted to learn to be independent.

She said: ''[I've] been in relationships from the age of 14. I never really had to think about being abstinent because I was just in a relationship. I've always had a boy in my life and I've always had that safety net, whether it was real or not. I've always, kind of never truly been on my own. So it was an exercise that I wanted to put myself through, and I'm so glad I did.''

And whilst she abstained from sex for a full year, the 29-year-old singer still went on dates and says taking the ''sexual connection'' out of the equation helped bring some ''clarity'' to her love life.

She added: ''When you have a sexual connection with somebody, it can really confuse things. So taking that out of my life for a good year just brought some clarity and it helped me. I loved saying no. Not like it was really hard but if I went on a date, there was no coming inside. There was no after-dinner drinks, and I just liked that.''

JoJo even says her sex-free year has influenced her latest album, 'Good to Know', which is set to be released on Friday (01.05.20).

She said: ''It was a powerful thing for me and I think that it informed the album. It informed the woman that I am today. I'm a lot more choosy. I don't want to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship. I like the relationship I have with myself today.''

The singer loves ''talking about sex'', and so some of the songs on her new album have sexual themes even though she wasn't getting freaky in the sheets with anyone whilst writing the tracks.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', JoJo explained: ''I just love talking sex. I love sex. I love talking about it. Even when I'm not having it, I love talking about it. I really wanted to channel all my creativity and my sensuality and keep it for myself. But that doesn't mean that my imagination doesn't run wild and that I don't have a healthy appetite for imagination.''