JoJo felt it was ''necessary'' to be single and keep her ''sensuality and sexuality all to [herself]'' on her comeback album 'Good To Know'.

The 'Leave (Get Out)' hitmaker previously revealed she was celibate for 10 months whilst making her latest collection of songs, and she has admitted it was the first time she was ''comfortable in her own skin'' without a partner.

She told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: ''I was journaling a lot and going through the process of getting to know myself in a way that I never had before.

''Sine I was 14 I have been in a relationship, not the same one - but two years here, three years there.

''I was always with somebody else and so this is the first time I've been able to feel comfortable in my own skin, by myself.

''And not comforting myself with the same tactics I had before which was having a boyfriend.

''This was a necessary period of time I took where I wasn't dating anybody and kept my creativity and sensuality and sexuality all to myself.''

The 29-year-old pop star says the explicit record documents a series of ''salacious situations''.

She continued: ''It's about wanting to escape myself and chasing sensations.

''Getting into salacious situations.

''On the opening song, 'So Bad', I'm talking about two people who are linking up but who are in relationships.

''They are doing something wrong but they are planning on having this experience.''

On her follow-up to 2016's 'Mad Love', JoJo channels the feeling of wanting to ''escape'' her ''reality'' and the need to ''figure out how to be alone''.

Asked about reclaiming control over her career after she left her label to form her own imprint Clover on Warner Records, she said: ''For a while that was a part of my life.

''I wanted to escape my reality in that what was going on being out of control.

''The journey of the album is about wanting to escape, realising I've been running from myself and need to figure out how to be alone.''