JoJo has talked to Sam Smith about collaborating on a song together.

The 'Leave (Get Out)' hitmaker took part in a Q&A with her fans on Twitter to celebrate the release of her latest record, 'Good to Know', and she revealed that she and the 'Dancing with a Stranger' hitmaker have discussed the possibility of hooking up for a duet.

When one follower asked her: ''#goodtoknow I know @samsmith is a big fan, have yous discussed collabing? (sic)'', JoJo replied: ''Yes'', with the love heart face emoji.

Sam is known to be a massive fan of the 29-year-old star and previously tweeted about how much they loves her 2012 song 'Demonstrate'.

They wrote back in 2013: ''JoJo - 'Demonstrate' is one of my favourite tunes of all time haha!! (sic)''

Elsewhere, JoJo asked her fans if they would like her to play an ''unplugged'' acoustic live-stream of the entire album.

In response to another follower who asked if it's something she would consider doing, she said in a video: ''That is a good idea - I like that. Would you guys be into that? An unplugged for the whole album? Let me know.''

Meanwhile, the 'Too Little Too Late' hitmaker recently revealed she was celibate for 10 months while recording 'Good to Know'.

JoJo chose to abstain from sex whilst in the studio because she needed to be independent.

She explained: ''The album just finds me processing and getting to a place of seeing I've never been alone my whole adult life. I've always been in a relationship with somebody, and I was delaying a really important part of becoming an adult, which is being independent.

''I would go out on dates, but I loved saying, 'Okay, good night'.

JoJo is painfully honest on her new record and even opens up about ''self-sabotaging'' by cheating on an ex while she was drunk.

She explained: ''I self-sabotaged because I didn't feel worthy of a loving, lasting relationship. I didn't love myself. I am actively working on self-love. It's not just something you arrive at -- I need to really work at it.''