Kesha has reached out to singer JoJo after she opened up about the lengths she was made to go to to lose weight as a young popstar. In an interview JoJo claimed a record label made her take injections and supplements in order to lose weight, during the early days of her career.

JoJoJoJo has claimed she was made to take injections to lose weight by a record company.

Speaking to Popsugar JoJo said: “Here's something that I agreed to do that ended up messing with me psychologically. I was under a lot of pressure with a company I was at previously and they wanted me to lose weight fast."

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“So they got me with a nutritionist and had me, like, on all these supplements, and I was injecting myself — this is a common thing 'the girls' do all the way — it makes your body only need certain calories, so I ate 500 calories a day. It was the most unhealthy thing I've ever done.”

JoJo added that she eventually gained all the weight back and said she felt horrible that she subscribed to a lifestyle that other people wanted her to live. "I felt like, 'If I don't do this, my album won't come out.' Which it didn't! So it's not like it even worked!".

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On twitter Kesha, who has been public about the pressures she was under as a young, female singer, tweeted: “I wanna shout out to @iamjojo & say I'm proud of you. Been following your story. Ur STRONG. They can't break you and they don't own you.” JoJo later responded by tweeting: “Hi wonderful woman. Our voices are OURS. We cannot be made to sit down & shut up. U have the victory! All my LOVE.”