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Why would you refer to the opening of Jon Bon Jovi's restaurant as his latest scheme? Why would you not realize all the wonderful things he has done to give back, including all the homes he has built for the homeless and give him the proper credit without referring to it as a scheme?

Posted 9 years 11 months ago by Burbs

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Jon Bon Jovi is performing live on BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Show shortly after 6pm this evening, 2 November 2010.Visit this page to listen to this exclusive Jon Bon Jovi performance live, go to the BBC Radio 2 website or come visit within 7 days to listen again online to their performance and check out the photos that we're taking of them this evening!Pass this onto any Bon Jovi fans! Peta BBC Producer Radio 2 -BBC Radio 2 - on Facebook and Twitter

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Letter to bon joviI’m maria luz from argentina this is for jon bon jovi i don't know if you ever gonna read this and maybe you don't care,but at less i tried. i love you, you are my life probably you think i'm like those crazy girls what run to you and drive you insine maybe you are right i most been insine because i still can't understand how the hell i feel in love with you,you are just a dream and maybe i dream to much, sometimes i would like to be like those crazy chicks it wouldn't hurt, i guess i find salvation in your voice in your words,i didn't had an easy life you know, well i still don't have it,can you save me?, can i save you?,we all need someone, the problem is that i need you. i wish i could hate you but as more i try i just get to love you more i know you aren't.and what is worse i still wait for you even when i know you'll never come,and if you do why would you choose me? how can i love if i don't even know you,i have this great man who loves me but i still wait for you, my life is about bad is that? i just want to you know there i 'll be here for you and i be trere for you when you need someone that listing at you i'll be here anytime, anywhere,when you feel you are alone you most know trere i'm here feeling the same way beliving i can't be the light at the end at the tunel for you.i belive in you. i shoudn't.i love you because somehow i belive you are just like me just for me,i'll always 'll be waiting you no matter what. i know you don't care and you probably don't read this letter but here goes my last johnny. maria luz from argentina corrientes. you are not alone.thank you for saving me somenytimes for help me to keep i whish i could save you and you save me one more time.i love you from the botton of my heart and soul i don't wanna love you is to big.your friend me.

Posted 11 years 4 months ago by maria luz(light)

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Bon Jovi is kicking off in Honolulu! I can't wait for the America tour!! Anyone going? Here are the dates... (the condensed ticketmaster list)

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by BGB

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Bon Jovi's "We Weren't Born to Follow" video is being featured on VH1. Head over to VH1- to check it out. We love it, what do you think?

Posted 11 years 11 months ago by MusicFanaticJE89

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If anyone would care to do me a favour, I really want Bon Jovi to hear this song I wrote last night, I was alone and inspired and recorded it as I was writing it. it's about a couple who are madly in love and one overdosed.the guy who wanted to kill himself because his girlfriend died, but is under the impression that if he kills himself then, he wont go to heaven, but it's tearing him to pieces not to be with her and so he asks the lord to let him in anyway.please I really want them to hear this song, I think they'll really like it!!!!PLZ!!!!!!!! the youtube link is belowworldwideweb(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=h51vOXgurgE

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by Swanny

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A tip for anyone who ever has the fortune to have their heroes talking to them in their mind...Don't talk back out loud, it's all in the mind!!!! although it is hard to keep the laughter in, that makes you look a little crazy LOL, well worth it though, priceless moments!!

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by Swanny

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I'm a singer songwriter and I had psychosis a few years ago and Jon N richie were talkin to me in my mind, for weeks on end talkin about writing songs N God and the world around us and well... I couldn't possibly describe it all on this message board although I have written lots about it.It's strange when I see them on the internet doing new stuff. My God I miss them like real friends.I'll probably never get the chance to thank them in person for doing what they do and ultimately being who they are and I'm sure they've got no recollection of the things we talked about, I wish we'd all really lived those times and not just me and I say this to you Jon, Richie... I f**kin love you Guys!!!!! and I hope we catch up in the next life X

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by Swanny

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Is true, heard him say before he is afraid ofDorthea. That if she is mad he runs, that is whyhe said he is in good shape. I think a little fearis good, especially if it helps shape the terrificperson Jon Bon Jovi is. Keep the Faith

Posted 12 years 4 months ago by JBJRules

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Posted 12 years 8 months ago by Silvija Bongiovi

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I read an article that Jon Bon Jovi has Aids this can't be true I don't believe it he looks to healthy Please tell me this isn't true. I have followed Bon Jovi since I was a teenager I am older of course but I still like him. I recently bought the CD 7800 Fahrenheit great CD esp,Silent Night and Secret Dreams. He's great and always has been and I don't think he cheats on his wife. Hang in there Jon Love You You'll always be my #1 Band.

Posted 12 years 10 months ago by jonbonjoviishot

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Posted 13 years 3 days ago by bonjovibabe247

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how i love this man.....Jon is the only one....

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by jonsgurl1

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found some great bon jovi belts heres the link.

Posted 14 years 12 months ago by bon

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HiI was just reading everyone's comments here. I must have missed the interview regarding Jon & his faithfulness to his wife. Can someone bring me up to speed on all of this. Maybe one day we can all go to a yahoo chatroom & just BS about Bon Jovi.

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by kellyfrancis

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I agree. I have always believed Jon to be faithful to his wife and I too would like to know who this information came to light. I believe there was nearly a break up of the marriage in 1998 when he was unfaithful with someone specific and I would like to know more about this as I can find nothing. I also believe "Always" is dedicated to his wife. Any info would be much appreciated please.ThanksJo

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by Josephine Ansal...

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well jon is pissed at axel roses and i agree complatly im a fan for 21 years , and what he does us for the fans is more we can say about axel , he is loyal,attentionel to his fans, with ohter words BONJOVI is the best greatest rock band in the world the are my world

Posted 15 years 6 months ago by sunshine

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I just read the "so called" interview posted on this site and I must say it seems to disagree with everything else I have read about Jon Bon Jovi and the comments he has previously made about being faithful to his wife. Where did they get this information?

Posted 15 years 7 months ago by tonbonjovi

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Jon Bon Jovi's 4th child was born March 29, 2004.His name is Romeo Jon.

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by secretsongs

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