Jon Bon Jovi is perfectly healthy and gearing up for Christmas, despite the internet coming alive with rumors that he died of a heart attack on Monday evening (December 19, 2011). The website 'dailynewbloginternational' posted a fake story suggesting paramedics rushed to the rockers hotel room after a 999 call but were unable to save him.
As fans of the Living on a Prayer hitmaker fled to Twitter for the latest news, Bon Jovi himself took to Facebook to deliver a classy denial of the speculation, posting a picture of himself in front of a Christmas tree, holding a sign that read, "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey". His good friend David Bergman added the message, "I happened to be with Jon Bon Jovi in New Jersey when we heard a rumor that he had died. I can safely say that he is alive and well. I just shot this photo to prove that he's OK". The original report claimed the 49-year-old had suffered a cardiac arrest before slipping into a coma and subsequently passing away at the Empress Hotel. Twitter response to the hoax has seen numerous celebrities speak of their relief at Bon Jovi's message, with TV host Scott Nevins saying, "Just to clarify: Jon Bon Jovi did Not die but Kim Jong ll did. I can see how people could be easily confused". Another Twitter user cheekily offered, "Jon Bon Jovi reported alive. His good music is still reported missing".
Though clearly not dead, nobody would begrudge the musician a little rest over the festive season following a mammoth world tour that grossed over $100 million. Following the monumental success of 2009 record 'The Circle', Bon Jovi have now sold over 130 million albums worldwide.