Jon Bon Jovi has never had any doubt there would be a comeback album.

The 54-year-old rock musician ahs admitted he knew Bon Jovi would release more songs, despite leaving fans waiting for three years to unveil their latest LP 'This House Is Not For Sale'.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Jon - who is joined by Tico Torres and David Bryan in the 'Bad Medicine' group - said: ''Fortunately I've been blessed to be prolific enough that I can spit burning bridges out in a couple of weeks and then we made this record.''

Although the group's guitarist Richie Sambora decided to opt out of the 'Because We Can' tour in April 2013, which he put done to ''personal issues'', the band's lead singer has revealed he doesn't hold any ''ill will'' towards the former band member.

He explained: ''Sure. It is sad for everybody but to continue to have to reiterate being in a rock band is not a life sentence. One day he chose to take a different path and there is no ill will. There was never a fight, it was never money. There was never any of that stuff. He just didn't show up for work.''

'This House Is Not For Sale' is set to be release on October 21.