Jon Cryer's autobiography, So What Happened?, is due to be released on April 7th. Fortunately for us, some of the most interesting sections have been pre-released and they largely concern the antics of Cryer's former Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen. 49-year-old Cryer's depiction of Sheen is similar to how he is depicted in the public eye: wild, controversial and frequently embroiled in unusual relationships.

Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer's autobiography will be released in April.

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Here are a few select points from So What Happened?:

On Working with Charlie Sheen

Cryer is fairly sympathetic towards Sheen and recognises how his alcoholism affected both his work and home life. Sheen's substance abuse issues became apparent when he and Cryer were working on the 10th season of Two and a Half Men in 2010. Cryer claims Sheen looked unwell and struggled to stand at times, forgot his lines and his timing was off. 

However, when the stakes were really high Sheen managed to full through although, by the end of his run on Two and a Half Men, it was a little too late and Sheen simply walked off stage and never returned.

On Sheen's Dismissal from Two and a Half Men 

Cryer was shocked at the support Sheen received from the general public following his dismissal from Two and a Half Men in 2011. Cryer also received a lot of hateful messages and 'as ridiculous and horrifying as those sentiments were, it was impossible for me not to feel their effect.'

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On Charlie Sheen's Relationship Advice

Sheen, according to Cryer, was even more open about his sex life and relationships than he is in sharing details with the press and general public. Sheen would frequently show Cryer photographs of vaginas which apparently belonged to women he was seeing at the time. Cryer also pondered how, socially, one should react to being shown such an image. "And what do you say in that moment? Thank you for that vagina picture? How long have you been seeing. it? Please tell me she was awake?" Cryer asks.

Sheen was, in his own bizarre way, supportive of Cryer's relationships with women. Following Cryer's divorce, Sheen suggested he use prostitutes. The encounters Cryer had with sex workers, he describes as 'awkward'. Even when Cryer managed to meet a woman, without paying for her services, Sheen was creepily omnipresent. Cryer describes how Sheen once admitted he had previously dated Cryer's girlfriend but the two had split up because she had not been receptive to Sheen's proposal of having an additional person share their bed.

Extracts published on THR.

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Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen was the focus of the extract from Cryer's autobiography.