Jon Stewart is taking the summer off his duties at The Daily Show, a hiatus which started last night. It’s alright though, because Stewart’s post is aptly covered by the show’s regular correspondent, John Oliver, who kicked off his run last night (Thursday) prompting a spike in the satirical news program’s viewership. As much as fans have enjoyed Oliver’s hosting skills however, Comedy Central is expecting an even bigger spike tonight, when Stewart links in from location via Skype.

Jon Stewart, Emmy Press Room
Stewart has left the show in capable hands.

Oliver will assume hosting duties until fall, while Stewart is off directing his very first movie, according to Deadline. Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater, will keep to his area of expertise, political commentary. The film centers on the story of a journalist, detained in an Iranian prison and interrogated using brutal methods. The movie is expected for a 2014 release, with the exact date still to be announced.

However, the regular host hasn’t completely handed over the show to Oliver. Tonight (Friday, June 28), he is going to check in with his substitute via a Skype video chat – we hear that video chat thing is all the rage with kids these days. So, apparently a skype chat here or there is all Daily Show fans will get from Jon Stewart, until the comedian, host and now director returns to his seat sometime after Labor Day.

Jon Stewart, Comedy Awards
The Emmy winner is now aiming at the big screen.

John Oliver, Comedy Awards
Oliver is stepping in for the time being.