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Jonah Hill Explains Strange Bet With Channing Tatum And Losing Second Oscar Nod

Jonah Hill

The focus of Jonah Hill's recent interview on 'The Howard Stern Show' has been his apology for using an anti-gay slur towards a photographer.

But the rest of the 30 year-old's discussion with Stern is definitely worth a listen, he talks about losing an Oscar to Jared Leto and Channing Tatum's private parts.

Before long, the controversial radio DJ began talking about a bet Hill made with Tatum regarding how well '21 Jump Street' (2012) would do on opening weekend.

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Will Jonah Hill's Homophobic Slur Damage His Pristine Reputation?

Jonah Hill Howard Stern

Uh oh, Jonah Hill’s really put his foot in it. Lately he’s been riding high off his superb performance in The Wolf of Wall Street and is widely considered to be an “all round nice guy.” This perception of him is even parodied in the film This is the End, in which the actors all play exaggerated versions of themselves.

Jonah Hill Homophobic Slur Jonah Hill has discussed the incident in which he used a homophobic slur with Howard Stern

That’s why it came as such a shock to hear that Hill used a homophobic slur over the weekend. The slur was caught on camera and the 40-second clip has been released by TMZ. In the clip Hill yells at a photographer, “Suck my d***, you f*****!”

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Early Reviews: '22 Jump Street' Proves Popular With The Critics

Jonah Hill Channing Tatum

The buddy cop movie is back, and officers Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) have to go back to college as undercover agents trying to get to the root of a drug doing the rounds on campus in '22 Jump Street'. Of course, the mission doesn’t go exactly to plan via a concoction of college memories and nasty gangsters. 

22 Jump StreetJonah Hill and Channing Tatum in '22 Jump Street'

With the extreme success of 21 Jump Street, Phil Lord and Chris Miller were under intense pressure to deliver with this sequel. But if the early reviews are anything to go by, they’ve nailed it. 

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Jonah Hill's Gay Slur Comes At Wrong Time For Sony

Jonah Hill Channing Tatum

Just as Sony was stepping up its promotion for 22 Jump Street - one of its big hitters for this summer - Jonah Hill has dropped a homophobic sized bombshell on proceedings. The 30-year-old has a pretty clean reputation in Hollywood and is generally considered one of the nice guys of comedy, though, under pressure from a persistent paparazzo, the actor used a homophobic slur in a video obtained by

22 Jump Street Jonah HillWill Jonah Hill's gay slur affect the performance of '22 Jump Street'? 

In the clip, Hill and a friend is tailed by the snapper in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles. One man mocks his floral board shorts, saying, "I like the shorts though bro. They are pretty sexy."

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22 Jump Street - International Trailer

Schmidt and Jenko are two young cops who thought they'd seen the last of student culture after successfully arresting the supplier behind a high school narcotic in special division 21 Jump Street. However, given that they did such a good job at acting ten years younger, they've been enlisted to return to college to get to the bottom of a new drug that is going around high school graduates called Whyphy. This time they've been moved to 22 Jump Street, and the kids they have to deal with are much smarter - and way more dangerous. When Spring Break comes around, it feels like a perfect opportunity to nab the new suppliers but in order to do so, they need a little help. After visiting an old perp in jail, they begin to weave their way through the social circles of college - but that's easier said than done when their own relationship is struggling.

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer

It's been five years since blacksmith apprentice Hiccup managed to end the battle between dragons and the Vikings of Berk alongside his pet fire-breather Toothless, and now the islanders are spending their time with a new sport: dragon racing. Hiccup and Toothless prefer to spend their own time exploration, however, but when a new adventure leads to them to an ice cave of wild dragons they find themselves facing a whole new threat. That's not the only surprise in store for Hiccup though, as now is also the time he meets his long lost mother; a fearless dragon expert. She teams up with Hiccup and his friends to face the insane villain Drago Bludvist, who wishes to have control over all the dragons in the land; between family reunions, a crazed tyrant and unruly baby dragons, Hiccup has a lot on his plate in his latest adventure.

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All The Celebrities That Seth Rogen Has Smoked Weed With.

Seth Rogen Evan Goldberg James Franco Sarah Silverman Paul Rudd Snoop Dogg Jonah Hill

Just days after Lindsay Lohan allegedly released a list of her famous bedroom partners, Seth Rogen has revealed all the Hollywood stars that have joined him for a premium pot-smoking session. Rogen - the star of Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and Neighbors - has made no secret of his penchant for a smoke, and now we know who he's lighting up with.

Seth RogenSeth Rogen Smokes Weed, A Lot

During an interview with Watch What Happens Live, Rogen said: "This is really depressing for me to say ... I've never smoked weed with James Franco because he doesn't smoke weed. That's why he's such a good actor! It's really sad, actually." The friends starred together in the stoner comedy Pineapple Express.

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New "22 Jump Street Trailer" Is Familiar, But Still Funny

Channing Tatum Jonah Hill

There’s a new trailer out for the upcoming Channing Tatum starrer 22 Jump Street. There were previously two trailers – the red band and the green band. This one is the green band trailer, except it has a new scene attached to the end. It’s pretty funny, if ever so slightly… well, you’ll see.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Sony.

22 Jump Street is the sequel to the 2012 hit 21 Jump Street (Sony didn’t get too creative with the titles) in which two deadbeat cops get sent to a high school to go undercover and bust a synthetic drug ring. In the new one, it looks like Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Jonah Hill) are up to their old tricks. Only they’ve now graduated from high school (in more ways than one) and are investigating a new case at a local college. Like 21, the sequel is directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from a story by Michael Bacall.

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Lawyer Suing Over 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' "Rugrat" Character Likeness

Leonardo Dicaprio Martin Scorsese P.J. Byrne Jonah Hill

A lawyer has launched a lawsuit against Martin Scorsese's movie The Wolf of Wall Street, alleging that he has been defamed by the character Nicky "Rugrat" Roskoff. Andrew Greene's suit that it was "readily apparent" the character, known in the movie as "Rugrat," was based on him.

P.J. Byrne
Actor P.J. Byrne Plays Nicky Roskoff, The Character Who Greene Alleges Is Based On Him.

Actor P.J. Byrne plays the character in the Oscar-nominated stockbroker drama who earns his nickname because of his toupee and willingness to launder money. Greene alleges that the movie has "permanently damaged" his professional and personal reputation by portraying him as "a criminal and drug user with misogynistic tendencies," according to CNN.

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The Lego Movie Review


Inventive visuals and a seriously deranged script make this animated adventure far more enjoyable than we expect, especially as it brings out the childish creativity in everyone watching. Filmmakers Lord and Miller are experts at finding offbeat comedy in the most surprising places (see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs or 21 Jump Street). And this movie is often jaw-droppingly entertaining.

It's set in a Lego city where construction worker Emmet (voiced by Pratt) follows instructions to the letter. Like everyone else, he has been lulled into complacency by President Business (Ferrell), whose inanely catchy pop songs (the insanely hummable Everything Is Awesome!) and mindless TV shows (Where Are My Pants?) keep people from thinking creatively. He's also concocting an insidious plan involving a secret weapon called the Kragle. Then Emmet inadvertently discovers the Piece of Resistance and is declared "The Special" by the underground rebel alliance led by Wyldstyle (Banks) and Vitruvius (Freeman). With help from Batman (Arnett), a patched-up pirate (Offerman) and a groovy kitty (Brie), they go off-grid to save their civilisation, pursued by the president's vicious enforcer (Neeson).

As the story spirals from the city to the Wild West and Cloud Cuckoo Land, it develops an insane, free-wheeling tone that can't help but spark our imaginations. And the sassy 3D animation adds to this by evoking surreal stop-motion classics like Gumby or The Magic Roundabout while referencing other movies and playing merrily with iconic characters. Hill, Smulders and Tatum turn up as a trio of frustrated superheroes, while Daniels and Williams offer a bit of Star Wars silliness. All of the vocal cast members dive into their characters with energy, bringing out the warped humour and pulling us into the action and even some emotional moments.

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Who Is Richard Jewell And Why Are Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill Making A Film About Him?

Leonardo Dicaprio Jonah Hill Richard Jewell

The strange and intriguing story of Richard Jewell, who both foiled an Olympic bomb plot and became suspected of planting it soon after, is to be translated to the big screen as The Wolf of Wall Street stars, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill combine once more.

Leonardo DiCaprioJonah Hill
Leo and Jonah are combining once again

The Centennial Olympic Park bombing at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia would become the start of a tumultuous time for the press officer, who, having discovered a backpack stuffed with three pipe bombs, alerted police and aided evacuation of the area saving hundreds of lives. Jewell was a hero.

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Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill 'Titanic' Re-Enactment Buzz Refuses To Die Down [Video]

Leonardo Dicaprio Jonah Hill Michael Cera Melissa McCarthy

The Grammy Awards may have dominated the entertainment news from the weekend but one story is refusing to die down. Jonah Hill and Leonardo Dicaprio has Saturday Night Live audiences in stitches last Saturday when the Wolf of Wall Street co-stars decided to re-enact the iconic prow scene from Titanic. Hill returned to SNL on the 25th January to host the show for the third time.

Leonardio DiCaprio Jonah Hill
Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill Showed How Close They've Become Since Filming 'TWOWS.'

With the comedy actor's newly found Oscar-nominated star power, his hosting alone would have probably been enough for the enthusiastic crowd but when DiCaprio dropped by, interrupting Hill mid-flow in his intro speech, excitement was sent into overdrive. "Honestly, my whole life feels like a dream come true right now," Hill said in his opening monologue. "Between 'Moneyball' and 'Wolf of Wall Street' and getting nominated for my second Academy Award, I just couldn't be more grateful."

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Jonah Hill And Leonardo DiCaprio Re-enacts Iconic Titanic Scene In SNL Opening Monologue

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill made is return to the set of 'Saturday Night Live' this past Saturday (Jan 25th), but he didn't come alone.

The 30 year-old was hosting the comedy show for the third time but was feeling very confident of himself after earning an Academy Award nomination for 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

Hill, who is widely known for his comedic roles, has decided to tackle more serious roles in the last couple of years and, while performing his opening monlogue, he made sure the audience knew of his recent accolades.

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Jonah Hill's Tiny 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Pay Packet & The Other Stars Who've Taken A Pay-Cut For Success

Jonah Hill Leonardo Dicaprio Martin Scorsese Harry Shearer The Simpsons Keanu Reeves

Jonah Hill has made headlines recently after it was revealed he was paid just $60,000 for his Oscar-nominated role in The Wolf of Wall Street. Now, $60,000 is a lot of money to a lot of people, but in the world of Hollywood actors and their big pay cheques, Hill was paid pitance for his work. Still, he is not the only one to take a pay cut for the sake of the project paying them.

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill is apparently nothing like his character in Donnie Azoff

Hill decided to take a pay cut, from the usual 6-7 figure digit he tends to receive, because he was so determined to get the part of Donnie Azoff so he could work with the director of the project, Martin Scorsese. By putting his dreams first and his bank account last, Hill has received his second Oscar nomination to date and has been roundly praised by critics for his role. What's more , Hill isn't alone in taking one for the team and opting out of a big pay cheque for the sake of the project he's appearing in.

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Jonah Hill Was Only Paid $60,000 For 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Oscar Nomination Role

Jonah Hill

Ironically, in film about greed, money and living to the excess, Jonah Hill was paid relatively little for his role.

The 30 year-old portrays stock broker Donnie Azoff in Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf Of Wall Street', and has earned an Oscar-nomination for his work.

But the quality of Hill's services came at a surprisingly cheap price, he revealed his pay check was only $60,000.

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Jonah Hill Accepted Only Sixty Grand To Star In 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' [Trailer]

Jonah Hill Martin Scorsese

Jonah Hill may play one of the characters motivated by money in Martin Scorsese's new comedy, The Wolf of Wall Street, but the actor is real-life is apparently far less avaricious. The film star has revealed that he wanted the part of Donnie Azoff in the movie so much that he hounded co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, threatened to commit murder if anyone else got the part and accepted a pretty paltry (well, in Hollywood terms) salary of $60,000 (£36,000).

Jonah Hill
Jonah Hill Accepted A Smaller Salary For His Dream Role In 'The Wolf Of Wall Street.'

For an A-list actor who could probably comfortably demand millions for a lead role in such a prominent film, 60K is a notably low sum - minimum wage if you're a Hollywood hot-shot. The 22 Jump Street star just wanted to show Scorsese and the makers of The Wolf of Wall Street that he so badly wanted the role, he'd accept a lower-than-usual sum for a performance for which he has now been nominated for an Oscar.

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Unlike Donnie Azoff, Jonah Hill Earned 'Minimum Wage' For 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

Jonah Hill Leonardo Dicaprio Martin Scorsese

Jonah Hill’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street – the ridiculous Donnie Azoff – is a man whose bad taste never outguns his monumental salary. Drugs, alcohol, £3,000 Armani suits and fast cars don’t dent the hefty bank balance he accumulated via stock market manipulation and the penny stock boiler room that was Stratton Oakmont.

Jonah Hill the Wolf of Wall StreetJonah Hill playing the money game as Donnie Azoff - also, eating a fish

But Hill’s real-life paystub paled in insignificance to Azoff’s in Scorsese’s controversial black comedy. The star was so enthusiastic to work with the legendary director, he took a huge pay cut to get the role. And when we say minimum wage, we’re talking about an actor’s minimum wage…

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The Wolf Of Wall Street Review


At age 71, Martin Scorsese proves with this riotous romp that he's one of the most energetic, audacious filmmakers working in America at the moment. And with his long-time 74-year-old editor Thelma Schoonmaker, he has created one of the most entertaining cautionary tales in recent memory. Not only does it highlight an unruly period in banking history, but it has a lot to say about where we are now.

This is the true story of Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio), who was 21 when he got his first job on Wall Street in the rough-and-tumble 1980s. Thanks to his illicit deals, he was a multi-millionaire within five years, tutored by a jaded veteran (McConaughey) and assisted by an enthusiastic novice (Hill). Along the way, he also swaps for a much more glamorous wife (Robbie), whose British aunt (Lumley) becomes part of his scam to stash his cash with a shady Swiss banker (Dujardin). But with an FBI agent (Chandler) on his trail, Jordan suspects that the high life can't go on forever.

At just under three hours long, the film sometimes feels like it is wallowing in the excessive sex and drugs along with these Wall Street criminals. But there's a jagged undercurrent to everything: all of this hedonism may look like fun, but someone is paying the price. The film is an often thrilling series of set-pieces that roll out in waves of comedy, tragedy and farce as these people play on the edge of an abyss. And it's great to see scenes play out in real time, with deep conversations, riotous comedy riffs and characters who are full of conflicting layers.

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Video - Jonah Hill Joins Celebs At The 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Part 5

Several stars from Martin Scorsese's corporate crime drama 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' were snapped on their arrival at the 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala in New York including Jonah Hill, Jon Favreau and Rob Reiner.

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Five Amazing Clips From The Wolf Of Wall Street

Leonardo Dicaprio Jonah Hill Martin Scorsese

If you haven’t seen The Wolf of Wall Street, because a) you don’t live in America or b) the violently abusive language has been well documented by the press, or even c) you can’t be bothered, then these clips might interest you. Well, apart from you b) folks, you can go **** a ******* **** can’t you.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s indulgent white collar crime comedy drama sees Leonardo Dicaprio fill the boots of Jordan Belfort, a 90s stockbroker who spent 22 months in jail following the fraudulent activity in 1998.

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The Wolf Of Wall Street - Clips

It's a wild ride of drinking, drugs, debauchery and deception when the ambitious Jordan Belfort decides that he wants to be one of the rich kids. Starting out his stockbroker business in a small office with a handful of employees, his aims are simple; target only the richest people in the country. It isn't long before Belfort and his team find themselves with more money than they know what to do with and begin to live their lives manically high off the success. However, Belfort hasn't exactly been making what you'd call an honest living and pretty soon the secrets of his fraudulent profits and money laundering draws attention from the authorities. And not only that, his disregard for others' sufferings means he's got a lot more to lose than his beloved business.

'The Wolf of Wall Street' is a gritty white-collar crime drama based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a former stockbroker who served 22 months in prison for his fraudulent activity in 1998 and subsequently wrote two memoirs entitled 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'Catching the Wolf of Wall Street'. The new movie has been directed by the Oscar winning Martin Scorsese ('Shutter Island', 'Goodfellas', 'The Departed') and written by multi-Primetime Emmy winning writer Terence Winter ('The Sopranos', 'Boardwalk Empire', 'Brooklyn Rules'). 

Click Here To Watch - The Wolf Of Wall Street Trailer

'22 Jump Street': Old Jokes, New Address For Channing Tatum Comedy Sequel [Trailer + Pictures]

Channing Tatum Jonah Hill Ice Cube

The red line trailer has just been released for new cop comedy 22 Jump Street, the sequel to 2012's commercially and critically successful 21 Jump Street. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will reprise their roles as Schmidt and Jenko, two undercover police officers who have another drug supplier to catch, only this time they've graduated from high school to college.

22 Jump Street Channing Tatum Jonah Hill
Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill Reprise Their Roles In This Comedy Cop Sequel.

"You two sons-a-bitches are going to college," we hear Ice Cube bark at Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill in the trailer before we see montages of the typical movie-ready university scenes: heavy drinking in the hallways, beer pong, sex, shared bathroom dilemmas and deadline library clashes - all with a sludgy hip-hop soundtrack. In no great leap of imagination, the former classmates have immersed themselves in varsity life.

Continue reading: '22 Jump Street': Old Jokes, New Address For Channing Tatum Comedy Sequel [Trailer + Pictures]

22 Jump Street Trailer

Having successfully managed to nab the suppliers behind a new high school narcotic during their first stint in special division 21 Jump Street, young police officers Schmidt and Jenko are forced to return to college after moving to 22 Jump Street in order to bag the culprits behind another drug surge. There, it's a blur of debauchery, partying and drinking games as they wheedle their way into the different social circles in a bid to find the source of the new substance - even re-visiting some old perps in jail for information. However, their own professional partnership is compromised when they get mixed up in different college scenes and they have to decide if working together is right for them both in the long run. 

'22 Jump Street' is the sequel to 2012's award-winning comedy '21 Jump Street' which is based on Stephen J. Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh's 1987 TV series of the same name. With directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller ('Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs', 'Clone High') at the helm, it has been written by star Jonah Hill, Michael Bacall ('Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'), Rodney Rothman ('Late Show with David Letterman') and Oren Uziel ('Mortal Kombat: Rebirth'). It is set to be released in the UK on June 6th 2014.

Click here to read 22 Jump Street movie review

How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Teaser Trailer

Blacksmith apprentice Hiccup and his pet dragon Toothless have managed to end the war between the Vikings of Berk and the once predatory dragons after both rescuing each other from death. Now, five years on, instead of dragon fighting the islanders have taken up the new sport of dragon racing, with Hiccup and his classmates Astrid and Snoutlout becoming particularly adept at whizzing through the skies with their new winged friends. During one of their regular explorations, Hiccup and Toothless come across a secret ice cave in which they find a very large crowd of wild dragons alongside the strange and elusive Dragon Rider. Worried that they could be facing another terrible battle, the pair do their best to maintain peace among the fire-breathing beasts and the weapon wielding mankind. 

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Clint Eastwood's Daughter Francesca Ties The Knot With Jonah Hill's Bro In The Presence Of Elvis

Clint Eastwood Jonah Hill Francesca Eastwood

Celebrity relatives getting hitched, what could be more exciting? This weekend it was Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca Eastwood and Jonah Hill’s bro Jordan Feldstein got a quickie Vegas marriage last weekend, according to TMZ. The website bases this information on a photo of a marriage certificate with the pair’s names on it, dated November 17.

Francesca Eastwood, Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Is Miss Eastwood a Mrs now? 

Oh and as a bit of added novelty, the gorgeous Eastwood and her new husband tied the knot at the Simple Wedding Chappel, which, among other things, offers Elvis impersonators as witnesses. According to the TMZ report, that’s all the information anyone (besides the newlyweds themselves, presumably) has at this point, with the two keeping mum about the whole thing. The website reports that Francesca was spotted out and about in Hollywood this week, sans wedding ring. But it could just be that the two are trying to be private about the affair… well, affair probably isn’t the right word at this point. But you get the idea - it was all very hush-hush.

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Wolf Of Wall Street Trailer

Jordan Belfort started out his stockbroker business in a tiny office with a small group of people and had the intention of targeting only the richest people in America as their clientele. With such a small percentage of individuals lined up as hopeful patrons, their dreams of immense fortune and a life of luxury seemed embarrassingly unlikely. However, pretty soon the company starts to ooze more money than they can handle and it's parties, alcohol and women all round. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear to everyone that what Belfort was doing to earn his fortune is not entirely legal and he risks his freedom and his wealthy lifestyle when the FBI get involved.

'The Wolf of Wall Street' is a white-collar crime drama based on the two memoirs by the real Belfort, who was jailed in 1998 for a string of fraudulent offences including money laundering. The autobiographies have since been translated into 18 different languages and now the Oscar winning Martin Scorsese ('Shutter Island', 'Goodfellas', 'The Departed') directs the screen adaptation which has been written by multi-Primetime Emmy winning writer Terence Winter ('The Sopranos', 'Boardwalk Empire', 'Brooklyn Rules'). The movie is set to be release on January 17th 2014.

The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review - Click Here To Read

'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Finally Gets Official Release Date & A New Trailer

Martin Scorsese Leonardo Dicaprio Jonah Hill

Thanks to various intervening forces, the release date of Martin Scorsese's next picture - the Leonardo Dicaprio-starring The Wolf of Wall Street - has been in contention for some time now. At first, it was due out on 15 November, but was pushed back for an unspecified period, with some estimates putting it as far back as spring 2014. Fortunately, we'll only have to wait just over a month longer to see the film, when it is released on 25 December.

Wolf of Wall Street
DiCaprio stars as Jordan Belfort

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount decided on the new date after heads at the company saw a shortened version of the film, with the running time cut from 180 minutes to 165 minutes. The studio bosses had initially put back the release in order to give director Scorsese ample time to trim away some of the fat, and he apparently unveiled the finished product this week. Content with how the film played out despite missing a few scenes, they decided to okay the film and set a 2013 release, which will also put it in contention for next years awards season.

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This Is The End Review


Comedies don't get much more self-referential than this film, in which a bunch of old friends get together and play themselves facing a biblical-style apocalypse. But they also don't get much funnier. Writing partners Rogen and Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express) move into directing with this super-charged bromance that finds surprising resonance amid a constant barrage of vulgarity, in-jokes and end-of-the-world mayhem.

Rogen also stars as himself, happy that his childhood friend Jay is coming to visit him in Los Angeles. Jay prefers to live at home in Canada, far from the plastic L.A. scene, so Seth sets aside the first day with video games and lots of weed. Then they head to James' house for a starry Hollywood party, during which a series of massive earthquakes kills off most of the A-list guests. Seth, Jay and James survive, along with Jonah, Craig and Danny, and as they set up camp in James' mansion, their friendships are strained. Mainly because Danny eats their supply of food, Jay wants to go home, and Jonah is simply too nice to be believed. Until he's possessed by an angry demon.

The blinding array of cameos gives the film's early scenes a terrific kick, as big stars hilariously spoof their public personas before meeting a variety of fiery ends. An especially spiky Watson gets a few extra scenes of her own, while Cera has the most fun as a diva obsessed with sex and drugs. And Tatum gets the most jaw-dropping moment. But it's our six heroes who hold the film together, and their camaraderie adds a surprising warmth, most notably in the central bromance between Rogen and Baruchel.

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'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Trailer: Could It Finally Be Leonardo DiCaprio's Time? [Trailer And Pictures]

Leonardo Dicaprio Matthew Mcconaughey Jonah Hill Martin Scorsese Kanye West Steven Soderbergh Margot Robbie Jon Favreau Spike Jonze Rob Reiner Jon Bernthal

Wow, this one looks pretty damn good doesn't it? The Wolf of Wall Street trailer, starring Leonardo Dicaprio as stockbroker Jordan Belfort, exploded onto the internet on Sunday (June 16, 2013) with tons of verve and energy. Directed by Martin Scorsese and based on Belfort's memoirs, the movie boasts a pretty stellar cast headed by DiCaprio and held firmly together by a particularly strong and funny looking performance from the excellent Matthew Mcconaughey

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall StreetLeonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street

New York stockbroker Belfort refused to cooperate in a large FBI fraud case involving corruption into corporate banking and mob infiltration, living a hard-partying lifestyle at the same time. He made thousands of dollars a minute, spending it on sex, drugs and international travel before it all came crashing down. 

Continue reading: 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Trailer: Could It Finally Be Leonardo DiCaprio's Time? [Trailer And Pictures]

The Wolf Of Wall Street - Teaser Trailer

Jordan Belfort is a successful stockbroker, multi-millionaire and motivational speaker from New York who had enough money to throw anywhere he wanted. He was arrested and jailed in 1998 for a string of fraudulent activities surrounding stock market manipulation including money laundering and mob infiltration. He served 22 months in prison after being given a sentence of 4 years, famously refusing to cooperate during the case which exposed massive corruption on Wall Street. His crime was fuelled by his loved of alcohol, parties, women and, generally, the finer things in life including his luxury yacht which was originally built for Coco Chanel. He wrote two memoirs which were published in around 40 countries and have since been translated into 18 different languages.

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You Should See 'This Is The End' And Here's Why

Seth Rogen James Franco Jonah Hill Craig Robinson Danny McBride

We’ve all wanted to see This Is Then End ever since the very first trailer hit the airwaves, but now it looks like a ticket to the screening of the apocalyptic party movie might be more worth it than we thought. Oh, you thought you were getting a simple-minded comedy with celebrities acting like idiots? Well, it is that too, don’t worry, but surprisingly, This Is The End also takes its place as a skewering satire of celebrity culture – part of a definite trend lately.

While, yes, there are more famous faces in the film than at a Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, what makes this film isn’t the mere presence of so many stars. Instead, the appeal is in the way the hyperbolized versions of famous actors interact with each other. Penned by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (who also doubles as a member of the apocalypse squad in the movie,) this film sees both writers on top of their game. At the beginning of their career, the creative team set the bar pretty high with the hilarious nerdy romp Superbad. Unfortunately, they then failed to repeat the act with films like Pineapple Express.

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This Is The End Trailer

When actor James Franco threw a party for his fellow movie stars including the star-studded cast of 'Knocked Up' and several stars of Seth Rogen's comedies including Seth himself, Jay Baruchel, Jason Segel, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, no-one expected it to be anything more than your average drink fuelled Hollywood superparty. However, things take a turn for the worst when they experience a major earthquake; the ground opens up to the hottest depths of the Earth's core swallowing up Rihanna and Jason Segal as mysterious beasts start swarming around outside. What's a comedy cast to do with limited food and no real skills of the like they portray in the movies - especially when golden girl Emma Watson bursts in on them wielding an axe demanding all their resources. This is Hollywood versus the apocalypse, but who would really win?

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Django Unchained Review


Tarantino takes an unusually comical approach to a provocative topic, and the result is as controversial as expected. And also startlingly hilarious. At its core, this is another revenge-themed thriller, but Tarantino's snappy, constantly surprising aproach spirals out to explore racial issues over the past 150 years with humour, drama and, of course, grisly violence.

Set two years before the American Civil War in 1858 Texas, the story centres on bounty hunter Schultz (Waltz), who offers the slave Django (Foxx) what seems like a fantasy job: to work with him to capture white criminals dead or alive. Usually dead. Sure enough, everyone is shocked to see a black man not only riding a horse but carrying a gun. When Django helps find three notorious outlaw brothers, he earns his freedom, and Schultz then offers to help free Django's enslaved wife (Washington). This involves staging an elaborate sting on her owner, the bloodthirsty Mississippi plantation owner Calvin (DiCaprio), who runs a ring of slaves who fight each other to the death. But Calvin's butler Stephen (Jackson) suspects that something is up.

Waltz and Foxx have terrific chemistry in the central roles, with Waltz's lively intelligence bouncing off Foxx's physical and emotional intensity. This gives the film an underlying drive that keeps us engaged through the blood-soaked violence as well as the more slapstick-style sequences (a KKK raid led by Johnson and Hill feels like a lost sequence from Blazing Saddles). But Tarantino's screenplay is beautifully constructed to even out the tone with exciting action, harrowing nastiness and some darkly involving drama. All while quietly exploring the twisted history of racial relations in America.

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Globes Globes Best Dressed 2013: Who Got It Right? (Pictures)

Miranda Kerr Connie Britton Lena Dunham Salma Hayek Stacy Keibler Ben Affleck Jennifer Lawrence Orlando Bloom Jonah Hill Paul Rudd Megan Fox Brian Austin Green

Ok, so we know you fickle bunch want to know who the Golden Globes' best dressed stars were for 2013. You don't give a damn about Argo winning Best Picture, or Ben Affleck winning Best Director right? You want to know who got it right on the red carpet, and we don't blame you.

One thing particularly apparent at the Golden Globes 2013 was that actresses were prepared to take style chances. Not every outfit worked out, but it was worth the risk for many of Hollywood's biggest names. Cherry red was a favored color, while cut-out dresses, black gowns and intricate detailing were in abundance.  

Connie Britton Golden Globes Dress 2013Connie Britton Got It Spot On With Her Subtle Yet Sparkly Number!

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Yacht Party: Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill Hanging Down Under With Bikini Women

Leonardo Dicaprio Jonah Hill

Leonardo Dicaprio has been spotted partying on a yacht with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill. And frankly, who can blame him? He’s 38, he’s one of the most famous Hollywood stars on the planet, he just recently split from his girlfriend Erin Heatherton. All signs point to party, right!?

Leo and Jonah went out for a spin in the yacht, cruising around Sydney Harbour, with a bunch of bikini clad women. Actually, some of the women ended up less ‘bikini-clad’ as ‘not-so-bikini-clad’ by the end of the trip but hey, it’s Australia, it’s hot, the girls have got to keep cool, right? Absolutely nothing to do with a low-rent attempt at attracting the attention of two Hollywood movie stars, right? I mean, they probably didn’t even KNOW that Leo had just split up with Erin recently, right?

Leonardo was back in Australia after being summoned to the country to re-film some scenes for The Great Gatsby. Even though a second, stunning trailer has been released for the movie, it seems that director Baz Luhrmann is still putting the finishing touches to his ambitious 3D venture. Still, Mr DiCaprio’s work schedule couldn’t have been too hectic, is he found time to lap up the winter sun and take in the… erm… local sights.

Seth Rogan And James Franco See Out End Of The World In Hilarious New Trailer For 'This Is The End'

James Franco Danny McBride Craig Robinson Jonah Hill Emma Watson

The end is nigh! Well, it isn't really, but if it were then the new trailer for the upcoming Seth Rogan and James Franco staring comedy This Is The End probably leads the way in acceptable ways to see out the end of days.

The new clip sees the pair inside 'real-life' Franco's bunker, presenting the trailer for the film which we will all unfortunately miss, because it comes out next summer (we wont really miss it though of course). The two spend the last night on the world as we know it playing with a gun, masturbating, engaging in a 'sword-fight,' fighting over weed and eventually spooning before bed - what else would you want to do.

After the brilliant into, we're treated to an all new, red banded trailer of the actual film about the end of the Earth, which just so happens to be as funny as the beginning. As well as the Pineapple Express, there's a host of other big names set to star in the upcoming film, including: Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson, as well as a few cameos from the likes of Emma Watson to name but one, each playing an exaggerated (maybe) version of themselves.

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Django Unchained Alternative Trailer

German bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz is on the hunt for a brutal gang of murderers, the Brittle brothers. His search leads him to the only person who has information on the group, Django, who is a slave living in the deep south of the States. Schultz crosses his path as he finds Django shackled to a group of other slaves who are all being taken to auction. Posing as a dentist, Schultz requests to buy him from his owners. On the owners' refusal, Schultz ruthlessly shoots them to death and takes the slave. The bounty hunter promises to free Django and take him to rescue his wife, Broomhilda, who has been enslaved by a Mississippi plantation owner on the dead or alive capture of the Brittle brothers. On their success, Schultz frees Django as promised but the pair decides to stick together as bounty hunters full time. Their search for Broomhilda leads him to the 'Candyland' plantation owner Calvin Candie who has trainer Ace Woody train slaves to fight each other for sport. The bounty hunters arouse suspicion from loyal house slave Stephen as they arrive to explore the property under a false guise and soon become under threat by a dangerous organisation who are determined not to let them escape with Broomhilda.

This western drama is directed by the award-winning director, writer and Quentin Tarantino ('Pulp Fiction', 'Kill Bill', 'Reservoir Dogs') and includes a star-studded cast. 'Django Unchained' is a thought provoking story set in the deep south of America two years before the Civil War. It was inspired by 60s western 'Django' along with its sequels and includes a cameo appearance from 'Django' star Franco Nero.</p><p>It is set for release on December 25th 2013 in the US and January 18th 2013 in the UK.

Directed By: Quentin Tarantino

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The Watch Review

You'd think that a film written by Stern (the surprisingly witty Mr Popper's Penguins) and Rogen/Goldberg (the hilarious Superbad and Pineapple Express) and starring a reliably funny cast would be a safe bet for a fun night out in the cinema. Well, unless your sense of humour is on par with a 12-year-old boy, guess again. With a sour tone and jokes that have no punchlines, this is a relentlessly unfunny comedy that shifts into an unexciting alien invasion thriller.

Stiller stars as Evan, an overachiever who can't bring himself to tell his loving wife (DeWitt) that he's sterile. When there's a murder in the super-store he manages, he forms a neighbourhood watch group with three losers: Bob (Vaughn) is struggling to cope with his teen daughter, Franklin (Hill) has an unhealthy obsession with guns, and Jemarcus (Ayoade) is a goofy sex addict.

All three would rather drink beer and play stupid games than keep their community safe. But then they discover that the killer was actually an alien who is leading an invasion of Earth.

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The Watch Trailer

The Watch are Costco manager Evan, father of a teenage daughter Bob, police reject Franklin and Jamarcus who seeks the love of a beautiful woman. Evan formed the Watch after his wife Abby forced him to move to the suburbs of Glenview, Ohio in an attempt to escape the mundaneness of his daily family life. The others, with same mindset, soon followed despite the persistent mockery from local kids and police officers that came along with it. Once they obtain their team jackets that truly scream don't-mess-with-us with their tiger/ wings/ fire emblems 'All on the same logo!', they are ready to sniff out the covert aliens of the town. What they weren't betting on was actually finding anything so when their vehicle collides with something in the road, coming across a splatter of your average mysterious green slime came as a bit of a surprise. They discover a mystifying ball of some sort that they eventually recognise as a deadly weapon after obliterating a cow with a beam of energy. The Watch realise that they must be the ones to defend their planet from this extra-terrestrial threat.

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21 Jump Street Review

An especially sharp script makes this riotous adaptation of the serious-minded 1980s TV series thoroughly entertaining. And it manages to achieve a balance between the action and spoofery due to sure-handed direction and a cast that really dives into the mayhem.

Rivals in high school, popular pretty boy Jenko (Tatum) and smart-shy nerd Schmidt (Hill) become unlikely friends to get through police academy. But being cops isn't quite as exciting as they thought it would be until they're assigned to the Jump Street squad run by Captain Dickson (Cube). This group of baby-faced cops infiltrate high schools, posing as students. Jenko and Schmidt's assignment is to find the source of a new super-drug that recently caused the death of a student.

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